How To Help Children Memorize Bible Verses

Sometimes I’m discouraged about how few children are really being taught the Bible at home. But as a parent, I need to think about my own home first. Am I an example for my children in memorizing the Bible?

I ran across this very practical and encouraging blog post on memorizing the Bible with your kids. It gives day-by-day instructions for learning Paslm 23 with your children. There is even a cute recording of their 3 year old reciting the Psalm.

This reminded me of a very important principle:  we must teach kids by our words and by our example. There are few things so powerful as a parents example in the life of their child. There is no better legacy for your kids.

If you want to help your children memorize the Bible, join them and do it together.


  1. jen says

    …i’m glad that i found a web site like this… im a BAPTIST Christian… thank you

  2. says

    Great post! I can’t wait to start working on the Psalms with my little ones. Thank you!

    On a side note, I’m always amazed at how quickly children pick up verses when they are put to music, even if it’s a made up tune of your own:)

  3. says

    Tony THANK YOU for this article and the link (I loved the ideas from the pastor at Grace Church; what better reward than getting tossed onto the couch by Dad?) I pray that more moms and dads will decide to memorize Scripture with their children. I appreciated the links Andy provided as well; very encouraging.

  4. says

    Thank Tony, for a much needed reminder about Scripture memorization. You are definitely right, it is not just a discipline for “kids,” but is so often viewed that way. Memorizing Scripture, I believe, is a giant key to godly living. (That’s why I’m writing my dissertation on it!) There is a great resource for memorizing longer passages from a pastor named Andy Davis at:

    You may also check out for some great materials and programs you can do as a family to memorize God’s Word.

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