Lesson Skit: David Defeats the Giant Goliath


This skit dramatizes the Bible story where David battles Goliath. The scripture text for this incident is 1 Samuel 17. This script can be read during a Sunday School class or kids’ worship to give a feel for the story without requiring any rehearsal or advance preparation. It could be repeated to give more kids a chance to participate.  You can improvise on the props – a stick or rule for a sword, etc.

This would be a good supplement to any lesson plan based the rise of King David. It could also be used as a review or stand-alone activity in children’s church. If you need a full lesson plan, be sure to download our David & Goliath Bible study for children. There is also an older version of this Bible Lesson intended for a Sunday School class. Don’t miss the story of King David coloring sheets.

Please leave a comment below and share with others how you found it helpful in your ministry. The image above is courtesy of Sweet Publishing and Distant Shores Media.


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