Mother’s Day Event & Programs at Church

At my church, we celebrate Mother’s Day by hosting Muffins with Mom.  This is usually an hour before Sunday School begins.  We invite all mom’s and their children to celebrate her special day with muffins, juice, milk, and coffee.  We finish by taking a picture of Mom with her children and either make a bookmark or a small magnet to give her the following week.

Click here to read and share ideas. What does your church do to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Does your church even celebrate Mother’s Day?  Please share your comments, thoughts and ideas below.


  1. Sharon says

    The men at our church cook all the mothers breakfast that morning. And at worship service we have the children at church give their crafts they made to their mother. Also we give the oldest mother, youngest mother, one with the most children at church and new mother a red rose.

  2. says

    We always give each mom a gift and have some readings and I have picked out one mom and made them mom for the day with a crown and testimonials .

  3. Katrina says

    Hi all, on Mother’s Day at my church, the church presents all women with a carnation. During Sunday School, the children have their own service which is dedicated to their Mothers. The Sunday School gives each woman a token gift, i.e. pen, keychain, small purse etc.

  4. Mel J says

    We usually have a special Sun Sch session for our mothers with special singing, poems etc.As they enter the church young men would present them with a rose or corsage. We sometimes conduct interviews with moms, get them to compete with quiz etc then we treat them to lunch after church compliments the men and children. Mel J.

  5. marcy says

    If you are a church….give a gift to the oldest living member of that church.

    give a gift to the newest mom that became a member of the chruch

    give a gift to the mom with children teaching sunday school

  6. Valerie says

    At our church we had everyone bring a picture of their mom & we scanned the pictures and taped the copied picture inside a flower cut-out of different colors of construction paper & used a hole punch then used curly ribbons of different colors cut chest length & tied in a knot. After this was completed we wrote the name of the person that gave you the picture and handed them out for everyone to wear Mother’s Day at church. We returned the original photo’s to each individuals. This was a Youth Service Ministry project.

  7. says

    we get the kids to say a poem for all mothers in church and we give a cake to the senior pastors wife which she later shares with all mums after the service and the kids make mothers day cards which they color and give to their mums.

  8. says

    Our men get up early and fix a gourmet breakfast for ALL THE WOMEN in our congregation on Sunday morning before worship. They have amazing decorations on the tables, they women are formally served and it brings honor to all of them.

  9. Karen says

    Hi all!
    We have about the same type of program for our moms in our very small congregation thats been mentioned here. Music, Poems, gifts, etc…. But I’m needing some help. We usually give out about 5 “special gifts” to moms with the most kids, oldest, youngest etc.. I’m hoping someone can give ideas of other things we could ask just to make a change. Last year we added the mom wearing the most buttons. There are no young children to contribute so we’d like to still make it fun! Thanks for your ideas…so last minute. Have a great Mother’s Day!

    • LJ says

      Here are some ideas for giving gifts to moms:

      The mom with the most children/grandchildren present at the event.

      The mother who has come the farthest to be at the event.

      The newest mother.

      The mother with the oldest child

      The mother/daughter who look most alike.

      This may/may not be appropriate: The mother with the most adopted or foster children.

      The mom with the most children under age ________. (this could be the number of children under the age of 10, or whatever you choose).

      Hope this helps.

    • donita says

      We give out corsages. The oldest mom gets a white rose, the youngest mom gets a pink rose and the mom with the most child gets a white rose with red tips.

  10. says

    We are providing a Kidzone Moms Reception for Mothers of children in the Children’s Ministry. We will have this open for 30 minutes with some snacks and a great resource to help moms out with shepherding their children. We are handing out the Wise Words for Moms Resource with the possibility of reaching 80 moms with this. If you have never heard of this resource you can find it at Shepherd Press which is the company that publishes Shepherding a Child’s Heart. This should be fun and hopefully a nice bit of encouragement for Moms.

  11. Ginger says

    On Mother’s Day we stay in service with our Moms instead of leaving for Children’s Church :)

  12. Ben says

    For the last few years we have chosen a single mom and did version of an extreme makeover of her apartment/house. We just provide the items she needs but no way can afford. We have even built a house for a single mom one year. One year we gave a single mom a car. We usually get stories all year round but we choose to something for one mom that is in need. Every year someone criticizes what we do but we just keep on doing it.

    • martha cruz says

      wow this is owesome!!!!! keep being lead by the lord and ignore the people (satan) who has to always talk.

  13. says

    We are a new church plant and currently have a small congregation of approximately 20. This year we are reaching out to our community the Saturday before Mother’s Day by visiting the local Laundromats. We will cover their washer and dryer fees, take snacks and water for the kids and present the Mom’s with a special Mother’s Day giftbag.

    • Emily says

      I love this idea. How impressive. Everything we do as a church should be centered around outreach and this is defiantly an awesome way to touch many homes!!

  14. Kayla Messer says

    I love the idea of filiming the kids and then showing the video on Sunday morning. We are also planning on the kids reading some different passages from the bible about amazing mothers from the bible. singing a few simple songs and then the kids will present the flowers to the youngest mother, oldest, one with the most kids and ect…

  15. Karen Admussen says

    For the past 5 years we have Children’s Worship Sunday on Mother’s Day where the children lead worship. They sing, design the bulletin cover, acolyte, usher, play music, share a Bible message, read scripture, clean up, greet, help in the sound booth, etc. We try to involve all the children in the church from preschool through 6th grade.

  16. Margy says

    At our church this year we are handing an iced flower shaped honey biscuit to all women over 20 years, after the worship time. We understand that there are many women who would have loved to have been mothers but it was not to be, so we include those who never married or were unable to bear children.
    This year we also have a mother/daughter band.
    At our Friday fortnightly club last week most groups made something for Mum, ranging from a laminated bookmark, to cards & coasters.

  17. May says

    Hello! !
    For Mother’s Day all our youth and dad’s plan a dinner for alll the mother at our church. No cooking, or anything for them, they get to relax and enjoy the day. We all fellowship and have a great time. Blessing to all the mother’s!!

  18. Ana says

    The Dads, Youths and Sunday School children come together to prepare a feast for the mothers. The Mothers are presented gifts by the Fathers before entering the church, while the Youth and Sunday School children present their gifts in the church before the sermon. After the church service, Mothers are ushered into our Church Hall where they are served as Queens of the Day. The whole day Mothers watch as Dramas, Skits and songs are presented even poems and speeches to show our gratitude to our Mums.

  19. Mary says

    Hi, I am writing in from the Caribbean island of Dominica.
    Every year my church celebrate mothers. The entire service is dedicated to Mothers, both church and non-church mothers. The Sunday School Department puts on a special program each year. The children are given poems to memorize and say to their moms. There a sometimes short dramas, quizz, songs decidicated to the mothers. A special committe is always put in place and on behalf of the church the moms are treated to a gift each and special snack at the end of the service.

  20. Lindsey Whitney says

    Each year, we usually do some kind of Banquet for mothers and children (Mothers and Others). I’m hoping this year to do something a little more involved and memorable for the moms. We want them to plug into the ministry a bit to get a glimpse of what it might be like for their kids each Wednesday night. I’m thinking about having the kids put on a little skit (Amazing Mothers from the Bible) and then sing a few songs. Then we’ll have games everyone (especially moms) can participate in. Last year, we made a pre-recorded video with each kid saying what they liked about their mother and that was a big hit. We showed that in church on Sunday. :)

  21. says

    We are having a mother- daughter brunch this weekend to honor our mothers. The girls from our AWANA group will be sharing scripture, poems, and songs for their mothers. We will also have a “make and take” session on edible arrangements and other fruit carving.

  22. Julie Barton says

    This year will be our 2nd Mother Daughter Tea. We hold it the Sat. before Mother’s Day. We have tea, lemonade, finger foods and goodies. We have everyone bring a teacup and we do a teacup exchange (we have a few extras for those who forget). We take pictures and print them on a photo printer and hand them out. It was really fun last year!

  23. michelle says

    Happy mother’s day to all mom.
    we do celebrate mother’s day, each year we give something different
    but dinner is always provided for senior citizen mothers
    the youngest and oldest mom normally get a small gift.
    this year i hope the men group take over service. Love God bless

  24. lydia says

    Yes, yearly were celebrating the mother’s day in our church. Poem, song, acrostic, giving of gift, greetings fr. the video from their children & husdand and special prayer from the pastor are some of the activities we rendered for our moms.
    by the way i want to greet all the mothers a “happy, happy mother’s day” esp. your wife. God bless

  25. dora says

    I just started attending my church a year ago, and every year they have a special theme. This year theme is “Women of Design” the moms are to design an outfit on their own and have a fashion show(I’m sure there is more things scheduled). (I am more involved with children’s ministry) I will have the children say a special prayer for mothers, sing a song(Because of You) and dance (Lean on Me). They are so excited.
    God Bless and Happy Mother’s Day to any mom that reads this. And Tony tell your wife Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless all!!!!!!!!

  26. says

    @Emily-that is an amazing idea! It is one I don’t think I ever would have thought of. Thank you for sharing that with us! (That is not to say that the other ideas are not great–Emily’s just struck me as a great ministry opportunity.)

  27. Emily Cass says

    Our church honosr single mothers by taking them to lunch with there children, they receive gift baskets, an oil change, and the kids are entertained with crafts and a bounce house!!

  28. Melind Helton says

    We have for the last 7 years had a mother daughter sleep over at the church always on the Friday before Mothers Day. We usually have a church full of 30 ladies. If you are a female you will fall under the mother – daughter catagory. We will serve dinner-usually hamburgers and hotdogs and do crafts until the wee hours of the morning and play games and just sit and share Jesus with each other. We usually have at least 20 ladies to stay the night. We have a great fellowship time and ALL the ladies look forward to this event every year. This is also a way that you can invite other females to join in with the fellowship with all the other women and invite them back for a Sunday at Church and see what your church is all about.

    • says

      What a wonderful and beautiful way for mothers and daughters to spend time together in fellowship with other mothers and daughters!

  29. Perene Woodenberg(known as Sally) says

    Hi All,
    Yes, I come from a small congregation out in Wentworth Durban in South Africa- Bible Believers Pentecostal Church.
    We do celebrate Mothers Day every year as we use this day as an opportunity to invite all mothers to church.
    Mothers are honoured in poetry, songs and they are all presented with a small gift-usually the Sunday School children take part in the service.
    We find out things like who is the youngest mum, oldest, one with the most children etc, This turns out to be fun.
    Thereafter, all Moms are prayed for by the Pastor. After service , Moms are treated like queens to either a meal or yea and cake prepared by the gents.

  30. lani Eylander says

    We put on a 15 minute little program for the moms at the end of service with the 2-year old through 5th grade comprised of song and dance. Then conclude with child/baby dedication. Moms receive flower from child…


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