Mother’s Day Event & Programs at Church

At my church, we celebrate Mother’s Day by hosting Muffins with Mom.  This is usually an hour before Sunday School begins.  We invite all mom’s and their children to celebrate her special day with muffins, juice, milk, and coffee.  We finish by taking a picture of Mom with her children and either make a bookmark or a small magnet to give her the following week.

Click here to read and share ideas. What does your church do to celebrate Mother’s Day?  Does your church even celebrate Mother’s Day?  Please share your comments, thoughts and ideas below.


  1. Shadadis says

    For the mothers at my church. All the children young and old, wrote a poem, big or small. Then what we wrote was cut out, paste on a colorful sheet of paper, and put in a nice frame. During the mothers day service the mother was called to the front of the church, each child read their poem to them then presented it to her as a gift. This was the most heart filling service I have ever seen. You would be amazed at what kids write about thier mother. Tears of joy fell from most of their eyes.

  2. Sharon says

    The men at our church cook all the mothers breakfast that morning. And at worship service we have the children at church give their crafts they made to their mother. Also we give the oldest mother, youngest mother, one with the most children at church and new mother a red rose.

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