Pastor Appreciation Coloring Page

coloring page for pastor appreciation SundayMany churches celebrate clergy appreciation Sunday on the second Sunday of October. Here is a way for the children in your church to take part in showing their love for their pastor. This pastor appreciation coloring page is free for you to print and use in your church, home, or school.

Directions: Simply click on the preview image to download this picture as a print friendly PDF file. I’ve also uploaded the high resolution jpeg image (688K) for advanced editing.

Another Free Coloring Sheet

Pastor Coloring PageMandy has created a second coloring page that features pastors. This one is part of our “Everyday Heroes” series. It shows a Christian minister baptizing a young woman. This might be a solid second option for clergy appreciation day.

What about female ministers?

Prayer Coloring PageSeveral readers have asked me that question. In such case, you might try this prayer coloring page and have the children write a special “thank you” prayer to God for your ministers. These can be added into one notebook and signed by each child.

This coloring picture would be helpful to remind children of the importance of the church minister. A faithful preacher is a blessing to any church. This resource could accompany a Sunday School lesson about pastor appreciation.

“Appreciation Bomb” Idea

At my church, I had the children secretly color these pages and add their names. Older kids even wrote a personal note for the pastor. Then we took the whole group into his office while he was preaching in big church to redecorate with these pages. He later discovered all this encouragement taped up in his study. Too bad I didn’t have a secret camera!

If you enjoy this material, be sure to browse all our Sunday School coloring pages. We have a “Do Not Fear” you can use as a Halloween Coloring page to encourage kids toward faith rather than fear.


  1. Ruth says

    Thank you so much for this site. I am a Sunday School teacher and was looking for ideas to give my kids since we’re celebrating Pastor Appreciation day on Sunday. These coloring pages are perfect!.

  2. Soklyda Mao says

    Thank you f so much or this website and idea. Before I checked out this website, I was just thinking and wondering when we can and should have one day to appreciated our pastor for his servant heart and serves us every weeks. Actually in Cambodia, we never have this appreciation event at all, so this really is helpful to us.
    I definitely will use this coloring page and idea for my Sunday School kid to appreciate our pastor this week!

    Best regards,

  3. Janet says

    Love the website. I’ve printed these off for the leaders of our Wednesday night program especially for the younger ones. They color them and the leaders talk to them about the pictures.

  4. Logan says

    I use your website for all of my Children’s Church material. I love that you have a coloring page for Pastor’s Appreciation. However, my Pastor is a female. I kow you have that prayer coloring page for female ministers, but I teach my children to Honor our Pastor and I think you should put up a Female Pastor Appreciation coloring page for PAstor’s Appreciation Month.

    Thank You

  5. Anita says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mandy! you have just made life a little simplier for me. coming up with something weekly for the neighborhood kids has been a lot of work for me; I was looking for some one page simple ideas and you helped. I love your pictures & I love the bible alphabets, that gives me lessons to give to my teachers that’s easy to teach. God Bless you!

  6. Sherry says

    Thank you so much for these downloadable sheets! Great for teaching my younger students! Was wondering if you had a color page with female clergy on it? Thank you so much for sharing your many blessings!

  7. says

    Mandy I really appreciate all your coloring pages. They are modern and timely! I am curious to have females represented as pastors, just like you have boys and girls represented in various drawings. Is there a way you can mirror your pastor drawings to represent a female pastor baptizing a child as well as a female pastor touching a child on the head or greeting kids. There are “still a few of us female” Kids Ministers and it helps to be represented. Thanks!

  8. Lynn says

    Thanks so much for your website, I have used it often! Blessings to your ministry.

  9. Glenna says

    Thank you soooooo much for all the ideas I have used lately. I don’t know if you are Baptist or not; but you have some great ideas. Thank You for all your work!

  10. pam says

    This sunday will be my first chance to preform childrens church at my small yet wonderfull church. After hours of searching the web, I came across Ministry to children. Thanks so much for this service, God has blessed us with this site. Sincerly, Pam.

  11. michelle says

    We are truly thankful for the gift our God has deposited in you. May His grace and favor continue to rest upon you.

  12. Arneda Watson says

    Thanks Mandy for reminding me of Pastor’s Appreciation Day.
    We are going to use your coloring pages and have all the children to march in with their colored pages and banners to celebrate pastor.

  13. Peggy Burroughs says

    I want to thank you for the Pastor Appreciation Color Page. It is simple and profound at the same time.

  14. Karin Apfelthaler-Onyango says

    Dear Tony,
    I really like the idea of the pastor to be appreciated by children. My thought was only, that there might also be some areas especially the people who are children pastors, who are women and there is “only” a man on the picture to colour. Could there be also one that shows a woman as children pastor. Are we not all a royal priesthood?

    Thanks for understanding

  15. Alanna says

    Thanks so much for this!! I was looking for something for our kids to do next month to show appreciation to our wonderful pastors and this is perfect!!

  16. Geraldine Woods says

    Dear Mandy,
    Thanks for the adorable coloring page for my children to color as a special activity for our Pastor’s Pancake breakfast. This activity is to highlight the Pastor’s Appreciation Day which is October 11th. I know he will truly enjoy all of the beautiful pictures. You are truly a blessing to those who work with children. I am in Louisville too. Wish you could come to the breakfast on October 1st. You are invited. If you want to attend, please contact me.
    Geraldine Woods

  17. CHERYL D. says

    I feel that appreciating Pastors is a great coloring tool for children. Thanks so much Mandy for your coloring skills, but like Debbie we have a double anointing of husband and wife Pastors. could you be so kind to think about creating a male and female Pastor coloring page together? Thanks in advance.

  18. says

    Mandy, you do excellent work! I really appreciate having access to all your great coloring pages. However, we cannot use the Pastor Appreciation coloring page because right now we have a female pastor. I was wondering if you had one available with a female pastor?

  19. Vicky Crittenden says

    I love the picture except our senior pastor is a female. Do you have a picture similar to this with a female?


  20. marie virelili says

    thank you for good things you share to us.
    It’s beautiful.

    thanks a lot and bless you.


  21. Pam Pittman says

    THANK YOU< THANK YOU<THANK YOU soooooo much. Was looking for something for my class to do to show appreciation for our Pastor since its Thanksgiving time. God Bless you for sharing, I simply love the Art work, God has given you a very special talent & I thank you for sharing. Keep up the beautiful work. Thanks from a sister from another mother. Pam

  22. says

    What a terrific idea for the children! I love the picture and the idea to make Pastor Appreciation Month even more special. I plan on using it in KidZone class. Thanks Mandy for the wonderful coloring page!

  23. says

    Mandy: Thank you for all your beautiful artwork. May God continue to bless you as you use your talents for HIM. We love our pastor and me too especially since he is my husband.
    Gloria Diaz
    Primera Hitchcock

  24. Jennifer M. Torillo says

    Thanks Mandy for your excellent work ^_^ I really appreciate it…we plan to have this for our kids for our Pastor appreciation Sunday. You made my task as a teacher ease and i’m sure our kids will enjoy this great work. Feel free to share more ^_^ I love it!
    Keep up the work for God’s glory.

    Thanks a lot & God bless

  25. Rose-Marie says

    This is so nice I really apperciate it.and I am sure the children in my class will too.

  26. Gina Kitchens says

    Hi Mandy! I wanted to let you know how awesome your picture is. I teach 4 and 5 year olds in Junior church. We plan on using your sheet for our Pastor on his birthday in 2 weeks. thank you for using your talents for God and being willing to share them. God bless you and your family. Gina

  27. Stephanie Hill says

    Thank you for this wonderful coloring page! Please share more of your work with us.

  28. teresa says

    Dear Mandy,

    I am thankful to God for this colouring page for Pastor’s Appreciation. It provides us teachers with an aid so that we can teach children that they should learn to express their love for their Pastor’s.


  29. Sbs says

    Thank you Mandy for thinking of this! We use your color pages, and to have a special way for the kids to express love to our pastor in this way is just great! God bless you for serving the Lord and blessing children in the way you do.

  30. wendy says

    What a great idea…something for the kids to color for our wonderful new pastor. But it just doesn’t look like our lovely Pastor Melody. Would you have one depicting a woman pastor?

  31. says

    Thank you so much for the coloring page for Pastor Appreciation. It’s a tremendous aid to helping us teach our children about appreciating the man of God who leads our church.

    Keep up the good work, for it is Him who works in you to will and to do His good pleasure.

  32. Rebecca Breitenstein says

    Love the Pastor Appreciation coloring page! It is a great example of your talent and I know our Pastor will get such joy when our little ones present him with there artwork. Thanks for another great page!!

  33. Becky Hhogan says

    Thank you for the picture that my children can color and give to our pastor to let him know how much he is appreciated. You always think of everything!!
    God bless you today!

  34. Janice says

    Hi, I was just ready to print this coloring page. It is an excellent idea, however, our Pastor is a Lady. Do you have another one that would fit either/or?


    Director of Children’s Ministry

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