1 Samuel Study Worksheet for Elementary Students

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This study sheet is best used for children Kindergarten-5th grade. It can be used in a small group setting or a larger Sunday School class. Use it as a review worksheet or to help children discover the important points of this Bible book on their own.

I made this little study sheet so that we could do an overview of Samuel’s life. It does not give every detail, but just 6 main parts of his life and death. We went over each box reading the necessary chapter(s) that was directed at the bottom of that box. We discussed what it was about, wrote a title for the box, and then the children each drew a picture to represent what happened. I hope you enjoy this study sheet and it will be useful for your children.
This would be especially helpful for homeschool students or a more serious Bible study class for children. We would love to hear your feedback, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

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