Books of the Bible: Word Search & Find Puzzles

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Books of the Bible - Free Word Search & Find Worksheets
Download these free Word Search Puzzles to help children learn the Books of the Bible. Each of these printable seek & find style worksheets displays a group of Bible books. All the downloads have answer keys too.
All files below are in PDF format. The first option includes all five puzzles in one download. Use these worksheets in your children’s Sunday School when you have extra time and need an easy review activity.

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Learning the books of the Bible is a very important thing for us to teach our children. It will help them throughout their lives so that they will be able to look up Bible verses as well as find information. However, this is no small feat. It takes hard work, time, and dedication, on the teacher’s as well as the student’s part, in order to learn all 66 books of the Bible.
To help this process, I have created 5 crossword puzzles that will help the student review the books of the Bible that they have learned or will learn. Anyone will admit that the names of the books can be quite tricky. By using these crossword puzzles, they will help the children become familiar with the names of the books as well as how to spell them.
There are answer sheets to make it easier on you, the teacher. You will notice that 1 & 2 Thessalonians is only listed as “Thessalonians”. This was simply due to the fact that spelling out First Thessalonians and Second Thessalonians just would have been too long and would not have fit into the puzzle.
I hope that these will be fun for your students as well as educational and informative.
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