10 Things Kids Should Know About Bullies

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Upset Boy near brick wall
Bullies are the pits. They can really make life hard for children and it is hard to remember at times that bullies are also children. That’s great information if you’re a teacher who has a bully in her classroom but what about the kid to whom bullies seem to gravitate. Perhaps he’s smaller than the rest of the kids, maybe she has an outstanding facial feature that draws unwanted attention. Unfortunately we can’t follow our kids around 24/7 but we can educate them on this very real subject. Kids should absolutely know these ten things about bullies.
1. Kids should avoid a confrontation. This may seem like a no-brainer but don’t assume they understand this. Kids should know they should avoid troublemakers and avoid situations that would leave them alone with a bully and his friends.
2. Kids should make friends and stick with them. Bullies are less likely to torment you when friends are around. Making friends boosts confidence too. There is strength in numbers.
3. Put your game face on. Sometimes when we experience bullying we want to cry. It’s better to put your game face on. Don’t let those bullies see you cry if you can stop it. That’s what they want. If a bully can cause you to cry, they’ll probably do it again.
4. Stay “STOP!” Tell the bully to stop even if you’re pretty sure he won’t listen to you. This is a good way to show the other person you don’t like what is happening and that is not alright.
5. Don’t seek revenge. That makes you a bully. Let God handle the revenge. He does it better anyway.
6. Show kindness when you can. If God provides you with an opportunity to show kindness, do it. Sometimes kindness speaks louder than our words. However, do not put yourself in harm’s way.
7. Remember your special abilities. When bullies pick on other kids, it is natural to feel bad about yourself. You’re not a robot–you do have feelings. Do remember that you have special abilities. You are NOT who the bully says you are. You are who God says you are.
8. You are just like Jesus. Remember that Jesus mocked him and made fun of him too, many times. It’s not fun to suffer, but when you do, try to remember that the Lord knows how you feel.
9. What bullies say about you, they think about themselves. Whatever names they call, that’s how they feel about themselves.
10. Never give up! You can’t quit. Keep reporting the bullying. Keep praying. God will get you through this!
Kids can do it!
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