4 Cool Father's Day Craft Ideas

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Craft Ideas for Father's DayKeep little hands busy with these four cool Father’s Day craft ideas. Send crafty gifts home that fathers and grandfathers will be happy to receive. (No ties and socks this year!) You need a few specialty supplies to make these crafts but most are fairly inexpensive.
Painted hammers: A nearby 99 cent store had mini-hammers on sale and I grabbed a slew of them. Although they are mainly decorative, don’t let kids whack each other with them. They can hurt! Cover the work area with newspaper and provide smocks (or old button-down shirts) turned backwards for kids to wear. The day before, spray paint the wooden handles of the hammers with a bright blue, red or green spray paint. Then kids can add other details with craft paint like Dad’s name, spots or stripes.
Personalized pencil cups: Recycle soup cans for this Father’s Day craft. You need a picture of each child too. Decoupage a picture of each child on a clean, dry can. Let them dry 24 hours before decorating them. Kids can decorate the cans by gluing on buttons, pom poms or foam shapes.
Cookie cylinder: For this one, recycle potato chip canisters. Kids can cover the canister with paper or paint. I like to have verses on hand too for kids to use. Write the verses on the board or print them on colored paper. Children can tape or glue the paper verses to the can. Fill the cans with cookies and send them home to Dad for a sweet treat.
Embellished picture frames: You’ll need to stop by the dollar store (again) for these Father’s Day craft supplies. I like frames with a bold blue or black frame for Father’s Day. Give kids an assortment of nuts and silver washers to glue on the surface of the frame. Remember to keep an eye on the kids. These little items could make choking hazards. Once the frames dry, send them home.
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