7 Cool Classroom Door Decorations

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What’s the first thing your child sees when he comes to your classroom? Why the door of course! The front door of your room should excite, welcome and inspire parents and students. So how do you do this? With cool, classroom door decorations.
Change your door decor every month or few months to keep the excitement level up. Decorating a classroom door gives crafty volunteers and room “moms” something to do too. Try one of these seven nifty ideas.
God’s Family Tree: Cover your door with brown paper in the shape of a tree. Use construction paper leaves, in fall or summer colors, to display the names of your students. Be sure and add your name to the tree and put Jesus or God’s name right at the top. For fun, you could add Bible names to the tree too like David or Obadiah. Kids will know they belong to the big family of God.
Scarecrow Head: Dress up for fall by making your door a giant scarecrow. Position the scarecrow’s face on the door with construction paper including his eyes, triangular nose and mouth. Make a pointy scarecrow hat with butcher paper and place it on top of the door and the sides. Tape raffia around the bottom sides of the door to make it look like your scarecrow is stuffed with straw.
One In A Melon: I saw this cool idea somewhere and had to copy it. Cover the door of your classroom with paper watermelon slices. Put children’s names on the slices and at the top of the door put, “You Are One In A Melon!” It’s a silly summer and fall theme that reminds kids that they are important to God.
Special Delivery: This one is simple and inexpensive. Cover the door with sky blue paper. Cut out a large, white paper rectangle and tape it to the center of the door, this will be your mailbox. Write your name on the mailbox with a marker and attach a red flag. Snap and print photos of your children and tape them to the mailbox opening. The door heading could say, “Special Delivery” or “First Class Students.”
God Thinks You Are Grape: Cover the door with green paper or you can leave it bare. Blow up ten to twenty small purple balloons and tape them to the door in a cluster. Print off a funny message like “God thinks you are grape” and place it at the top. Kids won’t be able to resist squeezing the grapes so don’t expect this door decoration to last too long. But they will never forget it.
Prepare for Blast Off: Teaching about heaven or the rapture? Prepare kids for the big blast off by putting a big rocket on the door. You could have Jesus waving from the pilot window and place kids’ faces in the shuttle windows.
Gingerbread house: For Christmas or Thanksgiving, create a gingerbread door decoration. Cover the door with dark brown paper and tape lightweight plastic candies to the door. Use white crayons or paper strips to give the door a frosted look around the edges.

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