Watch this Short Video, and You Can Become a Better Storyteller

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Bible Storytelling Jonah little girl
This young girl is already a master storyteller.

Kids love stories, but sometimes us grow-ups take all the fun out of the retelling.
One of my Sunday School teachers sent me this video link tonight. At first I thought it was just another cute kid telling a bible story, but it’s really much more.
This young girl tells a Bible storybook version of Jonah with such skill that I had to watch it through the end. You’ll love it too, and if you pay attention she can make you a better Bible storyteller too. It’s just that good…

Here are 5 quick lesson I’ll remember from this video:

  1. You don’t need fancy props to tell a good story. Sometimes an honest curiosity is the best illustration.
  2. Preparation matters. This little girl appears to have memorized the tale by heart.
  3. Pausing and using dramatic voices really makes the story come alive. I love the way she voice acts the different characters in the story.
  4. When the story gets intense, make sure your voice follows suit. I love the way she gets so intense when the storm is raging.
  5. Parents who love the Bible raise kids who love the Bible. I can’t image this little girls mom is indifferent to God’s word. I would guess it’s much more than a storybook in their home.

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4 thoughts on “Watch this Short Video, and You Can Become a Better Storyteller”

  1. Absolutely amazing…. where was she when I spent all those years in Sunday School
    classes? Who is she and where does she live, etc. GREAT story teller…

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