Bible Object Lesson Using Honey

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Bible Object Lessons Using Honey
God’s word is a great resource for living but most kids don’t take the initiate to read it independently without some encouragement from you and I. With this object lesson, you will teach kids that God’s word is sweet for our souls; it nourishes us in wonderful ways. I recommend using Psalm 119:103 for this object lesson, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.”
This object lesson isn’t just visual but kids can taste it too. (A bit of warning though—some kids are allergic to honey. Check with parents before you use honey in the classroom.)
Honey Object Lesson
Supplies: Honey, graham crackers, napkins, plates
Prepare: Place all the ingredients for this object lesson on a table where you intend to teach.
Teach: I do love a sweet treat! Do you like something sweet sometimes? What is your favorite sweet snack? (Allow kids to give answers.) All of those sound yummy. Here in this bottle I have honey. Honey is a natural sweetener. Do you know where it comes from? That’s right! It comes from busy honeybees. It takes months to make a good amount of this wonderful treat. How wonderful of God to give us honey. It is the sweetest natural food you can find but according to the ancient text in the bible, there is something sweeter than honey—God’s word. Let’s read Psalm 119:103 together.
Can that really be true? Is God’s Word really sweet like honey for our souls? Yes! Let me explain. Who here has a favorite book? Maybe you like reading it a lot because it has mystery, or romance or adventure. You think about the book sometimes, remembering the characters you love. It makes your mind happy! Unlike other books, the Bible has special powers. It will make your mind happy but it will also sweeten up your spirit and your heart. God’s words on paper bring us comfort, love and help when we need it.
Let me ask you something. If you were to bake a cake, would you need sugar? Yes! If you baked a cake without sugar, it wouldn’t taste like a cake. You need that sweetness. God wants to put sweetness in your life too. How does He do that? By inviting you to read His words. Who wants a sweet snack? (Hand out crackers with a touch of sweet honey on top.)
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