New Children’s Ministry Curriculum: “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce”

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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest children’s ministry curriculum – “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce“. This 5-week downloadable series is crafted with the aim to teach our children the value and dignity of work from a biblical perspective. This engaging new curriculum is available for immediate download from The Sunday School Store. This is a perfect … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s Sermon: Labor Day – Thank God for Work

Use this Labor Day children’s sermon to show kids how we can honor Jesus with our work. Scripture: Genesis 2:15 Needed: three items produced by someone else that you bought (could include food items from a farm or store, manufactured items, or handmade items) Children’s Sermon Show your first item and ask, Who can guess where I got this? (Allow … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Labor Day: Bible Lesson for Kids (Rest and Sabbath)

Labor Day: First Instituted by the Creator. Sunday School Lesson on Rest and Sabbath In the current culture of constant movement and busy-ness, the concept of rest can be tricky for both adults and kids to appreciate. Young children can be reluctant to slow down and potentially “miss something”…Adults may neglect rest as they hustle to take care of work … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children's Sermon for Labor Day Weekend

Every child need to learn what it means to rest in Jesus – especially with the hectic pace of life taking over childhood. Download this free Labor Day children’s sermon and watch our teaching example video below. Video Teaching Example: Children’s Sermon for Labor Day Main Objective: In our culture, we thrive on perpetual momentum, constantly keeping busy and trying … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Work" Sunday School Lesson (for Labor Day)

Have you ever taught children what the Bible says about the value of work? Then you might enjoy this simple lesson plan that explains why our jobs matter to God. Children need to understand that working hard  glorifies God. Work is one way we love our neighbors and fulfill our purpose in life. These truths are relevant in all of life. I … More Children’s Ministry Resources