New Children’s Ministry Curriculum: “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce”

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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest children’s ministry curriculum – “Everyday Heroes: Honoring God’s Workforce“. This 5-week downloadable series is crafted with the aim to teach our children the value and dignity of work from a biblical perspective.

This engaging new curriculum is available for immediate download from The Sunday School Store. This is a perfect series for back-to-school and labor day to teach kids about the value of work.

In our modern world, superheroes in movies and comic books often become the model of valor and service for our children. But we want our young ones to realize and appreciate the real-life heroes around us – our everyday heroes. They are our police officers, healthcare workers, teachers, grocery workers, social workers, and so much more. These individuals, who serve their communities diligently, truly exemplify the biblical calling to glorify God through their work and service to others.

To celebrate this launch, we are thrilled to offer you a FREE downloadable sample of the first lesson: “Guardians of Peace: Police Officers and God’s Justice”. This lesson will guide your children in understanding the role of police officers in maintaining safety and order, echoing God’s love for righteousness.

You can download the free sample lesson below:

The complete 5-week curriculum includes engaging Bible lessons, fun and educational crafts, and memory verses that children will carry with them long after the series has ended. It’s adaptable to any translation and is suitable for children aged 6-12. We are confident that your children will gain a new perspective on the value of work and the role they can play in serving their communities in the future.

This exciting new curriculum is now available for purchase on our website. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in teaching our children about these real-world heroes and how they can learn to serve God and their communities through their vocations.

We can’t wait for you to start this new journey with us. Together, let’s guide our children in appreciating the hard work of these everyday heroes and understanding their role in God’s workforce.

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