Children’s Sermon: The Sabbath

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Purpose: Use this children’s sermon on the Sabbath to teach kids about the importance of resting, and resting in God.

Scripture: Genesis 2:2-3

Needed: a calendar or datebook

Children’s Sermon

Flip through your calendar and say something like, Wow, am I busy! Look at all this stuff I have to do. Do any of you ever feel busy? What are you busy with? (School, sports, family activities, etc.)

It sounds like you are busy doing a lot of good things, but do you think it’s important to rest too?

It’s very important to rest. In fact, the Bible tells us that even God rested.

(Read Genesis 2:2-3 , quoted here in the NIV.) “By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work. Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done.

The Bible tells us that God worked for six days to create the world and then He rested on the seventh day.

Do you think God was tired after all that work of creating the world?

We would be tired after working all week, but God doesn’t get tired. Still, He rested. And if God rested, that means that we should rest too.

How do you like to rest after you’ve been busy? (Sleep, watch TV, read, play a game, etc.)

One way we rest as Christians is by coming to church. We’ve been so busy with school and chores and homework and going to do things the rest of the week, but when we come to church, we just get to rest and visit with God for a little while. God likes it when we just rest in Him.

Closing Prayer

Father God, we thank You for giving us so many good things to do to keep us busy through the week, but we also thank You for the chance to rest too. We pray that You would help us to rest in You and Your love. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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