Children’s Sermon: What’s So Important about Marriage? – Seventh Commandment

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Purpose: Use this children’s sermon about the seventh of the Ten Commandments to teach kids that marriage teaches us to be faithful to God.

Scripture: Exodus 20:14

Needed: something that represents marriage, such as a wedding picture, a veil, a wedding ring, etc., and something that represents our faith, such as a cross or a picture of Jesus

Children’s Sermon

Show students your first object and talk about how it represents marriage. Ask, Did you know that when two people get married, they’re supposed to stay married forever? One of the promises people usually make when they get married is to stay married “’til death do us part,” until one of them dies.

And one of God’s Top Ten rules, number seven in the Ten Commandments, says…

(Read Exodus 20:14 , quoted here in the NIV.)

“You shall not commit adultery.”

That’s a big word that basically means, “You can only be married to one person at a time, and that marriage is supposed to last until one of you dies.”

Why do you think God takes marriage so seriously? (Listen and affirm all reasonable answers.)

Did you know that God invented marriage? And I think one of the reasons He takes marriage so seriously is that it teaches us how to follow Him. If we can love and be faithful to our spouse all the years that we’re married to them, then we can learn to love and be faithful to God.

Marriage is practice for loving God. We’re only supposed to have one husband or wife, just like there’s only God. We’re supposed to stay married to our husband or wife until we die, just like we’re supposed to serve God our life until we die.

Marriage shows us what it’s like to follow God.

Closing Prayer

Father God, thank You for inventing marriage. Thank You for giving us husband or wives someday that will help us practice being faithful to You. Help us to stay faithful to our husband or wife and to You for our whole life. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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