Christian Book on Business for God's Glory

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Christian Book on Business for God's Glory
"Business for the Glory of God" is available at

I’ve made it my habit to read about topics outside my normal field of ministry. So, today I was working through a new book by Wayne Grudem titled, “Business for the Glory of God.”
Dr. Grudem was one of my favorite authors in Seminary. I’ve spent hundreds of hours with his massive Systematic Theology. That book is still on my frequent reference shelf.
I piked up this newer book because I’ve always been a little uneasy about the topic. My family background is working class and I’ve often associated capitalism with the exploitation of the poor people.
The book’s subtitle promised to explore the Bible’s teaching on the moral goodness of business. I soon discovered many new ideas that challenged my assumptions. In chapter after chapter, the author made a case for business activity that can glorify God and promote the good of all. He was careful to show how sin corrupts God’s design and the dangers to avoid. In the end, Grudem makes a strong case for economic activity that pleases our Creator.
I was impressed with the logic and Biblical support behind each topic. Some of these include ownership of property, productivity, earning a profit, employing others, and even the inequality of possessions. While some readers might object to Dr. Grudem’s conclusions, especially on issues such as borrowing money, none can deny his careful arguments.
“Business for the Glory of God” offers a theological perspective on economics. This knowledge is helpful for rounding out a Christian Worldview, but don’t think this book is merely academic. The writing is concise with excellent examples. High School students should be able to profit from this volume.
I’m going to pass this book along to my pastor. It supports much of our conversation about vocations and how people can glorify God through their jobs. I might also recommend the content for young people thinking through career choices. I would love to see these concepts find expression in the realm of parenting and elementary education.

This 96 page hardback book is available from Amazon and for around $16. You can also read more about the book from Challies blog. The book’s author, Wayne Grudem, presented some of this materials in a sermon you can download here.

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