Christian Object Lessons: Kitchen Utensils

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 Bible Object Lessons - kitchen tools
Do you like dressing up as a character when you teach? I do! Sometimes showing up for class in a costume really gets kids excited about learning. Add in a few Christian object lessons and you’ve really got a fun idea. One of the easiest characters to dress up as is a chef. Grab the kitchen utensils, an apron and a hat and you have all you need to teach kids a valuable Christian object lesson.
Christian Object Lesson: A Spatula
“God can flip things around!” That’s the crux of this object lesson message. Besides a spatula and your outfit, you will need a pancake (premade frozen pancakes work well), a skillet and a tabletop. Place the pancake in the skillet and pretend to cook on your table top next to the toaster. Say, “These yummy pancakes will be so delicious to eat with some syrup. Oh look! It looks like this one is done, I need to flip it over. I shall give it a try.” (Attempt to flip the pancake without a spatula. Of course, you should fail a few times.) Then say, “If I flip this pancake with my fingers, I might get burned. What should I do?” (Take suggestions from the kids.) “I know what! I’ll use a spatula. This handy kitchen utensil is perfect for flipping things.” (Flip the pancake.) “Wow! This amazing kitchen tool reminds me of God. Zepheniah 3:9 says, ‘In the end, I will turn (or flip) things around for my people.’ See! Only God can change a situation around. When we try to do flip our life around without God, things always end up a big old mess.”
Egg Timer Object Lesson
“God controls time!” According to Daniel 2:21, “He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” You can use an egg timer to express how time is controlled by God. Set the timer for 30 seconds and give yourself or a volunteer a task to do. It could be something like, move all the toys to the other side of the room or hula-hoop 10 times. Whatever the task, you should fail to accomplish it before the timer runs down. Say, “Oh no! I didn’t make it. I need a little more time. I am going to try it again and give myself 5 more seconds.” (Try it again and fail.) “Okay, maybe I need 10 more seconds.” (Continue and fail again.) Tell kids that God is ultimately in control of the time. He knows how long we live and how long He will wait until He sends His son again. Share the verse above with the kids.

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