Crayon Object Lessons

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Crayon Bible Object Lessons
Most children have used or handled crayons before–that makes this popular art supply the perfect item for an object lesson! Take advantage of your class coloring time with this childhood toy. Use a box of 8, 16 or even 8 crayons. Since crayons are such relatable item for kids, they’ll pick up on the teaching faster, easier. Wouldn’t it be great if everytime your child picked up a box of crayons, he’d remember something special about the God he serves? Introduce kids to this colorful object lesson!
Everyone in the Box
Prepare: For this object lesson, you need to remove the blue crayon from the box before you teach. Keep the lid closed at the beginning.
Say: I just love coloring. Who likes to color pictures? (Wait for kids to respond.) You can see here that I have a box of crayons, let’s look inside. Oh no! Some crayons are missing! Let’s see which one it is. It’s blue! What will we do? We can’t color a blue sky, an ocean, a fish or blue eyes. It seems like blue is a very important color. You know, these crayons remind me of my Christian friends. Each one is special and has something wonderful to offer to God and His people. Like the missing blue crayon, we miss our friends when they aren’t here, don’t we? In God’s kingdom, we all have a special part to play. Some of us are encouragers, some are singers, some are good at sharing bible stories. We all have something inside us that makes us important to God. Even if you aren’t sure yet what makes you special, trust God to help you find your unique purpose. Remember the verse that goes: “We have different gifts, according to the grace of God…” (Romans 12:6)
Oh, wow! Look! I just found our blue friend. Let’s slide him in the box. Whenever you hold a blue crayon, I want you to think about this verse, “We have different gifts…” Who’s ready to color!
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