3 Active Games for Children’s Church

Let’s face it—the last thing some kids want to do is sit still and listen to a teacher talk for 45 minutes, especially after a long week of school. Keep kids interested in learning about God’s word by using playful games to break up your lesson. These 3 active games for children’s church are time tested choices that are easy to teach and play. Use these 3 active games as icebreakers or mini games for breaking up

Kids Ministry Game Idea: Object Freeze Tag

You might think kids would get tired of tag games, but that’s just not the case. Here is a variation of classic freeze tag we play in our children’s ministry. Here’s what you’ll need. Well defined play area, an outside field or gym would work well Two soft objects to use for tagging A whistle (optional) Between 10-20 minutes Game Directions: Show the kids the boundaries and instruct them to stay within during the game. Designate one

Fruit Basket Upset (Fruit of the Spirit Game)

In school during the week and at church on Sundays children spend a lot of time sitting and listening, when they would love to be playing and running around.  Anytime teaching Bible concepts with an active game, the children will be interested and welcome the change of activity.  The following is a simple and quick game which can be used along with a series or lesson about the Fruit of the Spirit.  This game will help the

Awana Games for Children's Ministry: The M&M's Gauntlet

Here is a fun game we played on a Wednesday night during our AWANA large group game time.  It is equal parts road race, dodge ball and American Gladiators.  I originally envisioned this game without the M&Ms, but then we had a chocolate themed night for AWANA, and it just seemed like a natural fit!  This game was fun for both third through sixth grade boys and third through sixth grade girls.   I did not try it

Sunday School Games for Preschoolers

4 Easy & Fun Games for Preschool Children Preschoolers have a bit of energy, shall we say?  Plus, they’re creative, they’ve got incredible imaginations, and they like to have fun.  Since children learn through play, here are four of my favorite preschool games that can be used as an outlet for energy, to help teach a concept, and/or to engage students in active learning about the Bible.  Enjoy! 1.  Train Ride Option A.  The Traditional Train: Have

29 VBS Games (Outdoor & Indoor) Recreation Ideas

Are you searching for ideas to liven up your Vacation Bible School this year? Look no further! This post is jam-packed with fun games that can be played indoors or outdoors, with or without fancy supplies. 🎲 There are even some that are super active to get those wiggles out, and some that are a little quieter to help with memorization (like Bible trivia!). 😎 So whether you’re planning a rainy day activity or a sunshine spectacular,

19 Memory Verse Games – Make Scripture Stick

It’s not a chore! Learning scripture can be fun if you know the right games. Test these creative ideas and help kids make amazing progress! Each idea below is easy to learn and gets kids “hands on” with the Bible verses. Taking apart and putting the verse back together is a great way to use repetition without creating boredom! 1) Post-it Cover Up For this activity write the memory verse on the front board of the classroom.

Olympic Themed Games for Children’s Ministry

Adopting an Olympic theme into your children’s ministry is a good way to encourage a spirit of excellence amongst your attendees and volunteers. An Olympic theme is the perfect backdrop for exciting kids’ games that everyone will enjoy. Get your curriculum ready, decorate your children’s facility and use these wacky Olympic-sized games. Bible Baton Relay Before you play this game, you will need to make ’batons’. Recycle potato chip canisters to use as batons. You will need

Kids Ministry Game: Captain Midnight

Here is another “backpocket” game that you can play if you have a large group of kids and a large area where they can run.  This can be a game that you can play to fill up time at an Easter Egg Hunt, Backyard Bible Club, or whatever the situation. Like Quiet Ball and Silent Football, the point of a “backpocket” game is that it is a game that you can figuratively pull out of your backpocket

301 Bible Trivia Questions and Answers (Review Quiz)

Get ready for Bible Trivia — Download our 301 printable Bible questions for Kids. Play a fun quiz style game with children, teens, or adults. Free PDF or Word Doc available. Bible Trivia Questions & Answer (on Video) As with any resource, please consider the level of children you are teaching. Our Bible quiz questions include a mix of simple and hard questions. For younger children, choose the easy questions or turn the right answer into a

"Silent Football" Game for Kids

Here is another great “backpocket” game to play with kids when you need them to settle down and/or kill time. The game is called Silent Football. Many of you have perhaps heard of this game. Here is how it works: – Have the kids sit in a tight circle – Explain that the point of the game is to pass around an invisible football. – The way you pass the ball is to slap your leg with

AWANA Games for Children's Ministry: Quiet Ball

Sometimes as a leader in children’s ministry you may find yourself in a most inevitable and unfortunate position: downtime. What do you do when you have 30 kids and 5-10 minutes to kill? When I worked at the YMCA we had a stash of ideas that we called “backpocket games.” These games were a way for us to kill time that way the children wouldn’t kill themselves. Most of these games have nothing to do about Jesus,

Children's Church Games

You’ve worked hard on your Kids Church lesson, but you still need to find one more fun activity to round out the hour. If you have served in children’s ministry for long, then you know that down time is the enemy. One great strategy is to always have additional learning activities or games. Also check out our listing of free Sunday School games for kids. This page points to hundreds of free church game ideas that can

Kids Encouraging Kids Game

You can teach children how to encourage others – this simple game can help. Stop the negative thinking & talking before it takes root. Kids need to be encouraged and encourage others! For many years we’ve used this little game for our older elementary small groups. Kids need to see how God has given them talents and skills — to glorify Him. But in the process I thought it would be cool to have them do this