Modern Christian Lullaby Music (Now Streaming)

Our friends from Seeds Family Worship have launched a beautiful new project called Lullaby House Music. Their goal is to bring a peaceful, worshipful atmosphere into homes and nurseries around the world. Click here to read the story. This would be the perfect playlist in any church nursery too! This music is already streaming on all the major platforms. Here’s what … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Remembering the Gospel in the Church Nursery

When organizing a gospel centered children’s ministry, one area that often gets overlooked is the nursery. In the nursery its all too easy to get caught up in the needs of the morning – who’s crying, who needs to be fed, who’s diaper needs changing, etc. These are all crucial tasks, but sometimes in the midst of all the need … More Children’s Ministry Resources

When Kids Hate Church Nursery: 4 Pointers for Parents

You love attending church but dread the nursery tug-of-war with your toddler. She likes going to daycare and even likes the occasional Mom’s Day Out program; however, come Sunday, she’s not a happy camper. Who knows why but this phenomena happens at churches every week. Teary-eyed Moms and Dads (been there guys, I understand) hope for the best but experience … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Creating a Peaceful Nursery at Church

Nursery ministry is so special. What a joy to minister to little ones the love and peace of God! One of the most important things we can hope for in a church nursery is a holy peace. That doesn’t mean babies won’t cry and parents won’t agonize over leaving their babies behind, even for a few hours. However, you can … More Children’s Ministry Resources

New Moms: What Scares Them About Your Church Nursery?

New mamas are the epitome of the nervous parent.  Often the church nursery is the first place where they release their precious little one to someone else.  They are torn between desperately wanting to go be a grown up and guilt of being away from their little one.  By recognizing their apprehension, we have the opportunity in the church nursery … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Who is God Calling to the Church Nursery?

Philippians 4:19 tells us that our God will “meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”  What an awesome verse.  Did you notice that it said “ALL” your needs?  Do you think this even means your need for nursery workers? If we believe that God provides for the needs of His church, then we should expect … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How to Decorate a Church Nursery

Besides being safe for kids, the church nursery should be a vibrant, colorful, kid-friendly area. The nursery is no place for “untouchable” furniture or decorations; it needs to have lots of touchable textures that are easy to clean. A tough prescription you say? Not really. Decorate the church nursery with your kids in mind. Take a kids’ eye view before … More Children’s Ministry Resources

What Are Some Good Activities for Church Nursery Kids?

The church nursery isn’t meant to be the “crying zone.” You know the place–where parents and children tearfully part for a few hours during service. The church nursery can be the most popular place in the church, at least amongst the children. Be ready for faith-filled action by providing upbeat activities for the kids in your care. Activities will allow … More Children’s Ministry Resources

What Supplies Do I Need in a Church Nursery?

The church nursery is a fast-paced, fun place to work and minister to little children. Unlike other ministries, you can’t get just get by with whatever is on hand. You won’t have time to track down important materials and keep an eye on busy hands. You should ask yourself this question, “What supplies do I need in a church nursery?” … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How to Keep the Church Nursery Clean

A growing church nursery can become messy quickly. Anyone who has ever entertained a toddler or two knows that little ones can keep you on the run. Who has time to stop and tidy up the place when it is time for ministry? With the right procedures in place, you can control the mess and insure that your nursery ministry … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Does Your Church Nursery Make a Good First Impression?

Your church nursery can have a bigger impact on church growth than you realize.  When young families visit your church usually the first place they stop is at the nursery.    A visitor’s first impression of your church may be what they observe in your nursery.  Your volunteers may be the first church members they meet.  A young family’s experience with … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Funny Video to Encourage Church Nursery Workers

I found this funny video on YouTube about the real heroes who serve in the church nursery every week. It looks like a video clip produced to encourage church members but you might just forward it to your nursery volunteers. I could also imaging showing it in your next early childhood ministry training meeting. Click here to share it on … More Children’s Ministry Resources

12 Practical Strategies for Toddler Temper Tantrums

It’s almost inevitable.  If you’ve spent any time with toddlers and preschoolers, you’ll get to diffuse a temper tantrum.  I suppose you can view it as one of the perks of the business… responding creatively to little challenges who may or may not be thrashing on the floor.  Though tantrums typically peak around 2 or 3 years of age, preschoolers … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Strategies for Separation Anxiety at Church

It was inevitable.  If my husband or I dropped our son off in the church nursery, there would be blood curdling screaming, a clenching of every finger around our legs, and a domino effect with the other children in the room. Our nursery workers were equipped as superheroes with patience, prayer, determination, and compassionate care, yet still the battle of … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Understanding Children's Development From Age 0-3

Children learn through play.  They’re naturals.  It’s us adults that sometimes need help!  We’ve forgotten how.  Plus it’s difficult to know how much babies and toddlers understand anyway. Next time you serve in the nursery, play with your own little tikes, or take care of children this age, use these developmental ages and stages as a guide to know how … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Church Nursery Schedule & Template (download)

Use our free nursery schedule template when you create your next nursery volunteer schedule at church. This is an administrative task that few children’s ministers enjoy – but following our template and how-to guide will save you some hassle! 6 Steps To Update Your Nursery Schedule Template 1. Revise The Old Dates on Your Template I’ve moved to a 6-week … More Children’s Ministry Resources

7 Reasons to Serve in the Church Nursery

Too often serving in the church nursery can seem like a thankless job. One of the key tasks for children’s ministry leaders is to help volunteers understand their importance. With that in mind, I offer these following 7 reasons why serving in the church nursery is important. Click here for a print-friendly version of this article to share offline. Reason … More Children’s Ministry Resources