Modern Christian Lullaby Music (Now Streaming)

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Our friends from Seeds Family Worship have launched a beautiful new project called Lullaby House Music. Their goal is to bring a peaceful, worshipful atmosphere into homes and nurseries around the world. Click here to read the story.

This would be the perfect playlist in any church nursery too!

This music is already streaming on all the major platforms.

Here’s what Josh Houser wrote about the project:

People have wondered, how did Lullaby House Music get birthed from the team at Seeds Family Worship? Here is our story…

In Nov 2019 we felt the Lord leading us to make modern, worshipful lullaby music for kids and families. After a weekend of prayer and meetings, Lullaby House Music was born. Like the music from Seeds Family Worship, we wanted to make music that the whole family would love, from babies to grandparents. Our goal was to  bring a peaceful and worshipful atmosphere into every home that played Lullaby House Music.

Then in 2020 we set out on a mission to bring together some of the most talented, Christ-centered people to form the Lullaby House Collective. On this journey together, we wrote, created and recorded songs from Connecticut, Tennessee, Utah, Montana and Idaho hoping to bring you the best of modern lullabies. Lastly, we set out to record three full albums so families would have enough music to play and stream throughout the day and night.

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