Classic Children Prayers

simple bedtime prayers for kids - no i lay me down to sleep

When you were a child, do you remember saying model prayers? Prayers are a tradition that has been passed down for generations. This is the time when children can reflect on their day and ask for God’s protection during the night. In this blog post, we will share some of our favorite children’s prayers. Our hope is that these prayers … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free Printable Easter Bundle for Families

Our friends at Children’s Worship Bulletins have just posted a very helpful collection of printable Easter activities on their blog. The idea is for parents to join with their children in a shared experience. This is a perfect way to support families in your church this Easter season. Here’s what’s included: A special Object Lesson as an introduction for parents … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Modern Christian Lullaby Music (Now Streaming)

Our friends from Seeds Family Worship have launched a beautiful new project called Lullaby House Music. Their goal is to bring a peaceful, worshipful atmosphere into homes and nurseries around the world. Click here to read the story. This would be the perfect playlist in any church nursery too! This music is already streaming on all the major platforms. Here’s what … More Children’s Ministry Resources

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in a Pandemic

Christmas looks and feels a little different this year. Traditions have been altered. Parties have been canceled. Gatherings have been smaller. But there are still so many ways to celebrate! Go Curriculum shares these five simple ways you can encourage your families to remember the good news of Jesus this Christmas. COLLECT CANNED FOODS FOR A FOOD PANTRY Jesus – … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Five Keys to Life-Changing KidMin Worship

Children's Ministry Worship Songs

This is a guest post by David Ray, Founder, Doorpost Songs You never intended to become a worship leader. But somewhere along the way, the role of “worship leader for children” was added to your job description. Now you’ve got to figure out how to do something more than just play a couple YouTube clips while the fifth-grade boys give … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Kids Church Online / Virtual Sunday School

Kids need Bible teaching, even when the church is closed. This page lists our favorite free resources for virtual Sunday School and kids church online. Online Children’s Church Service Kidology Kids Church Online FREE ONLINE KID’S CHURCH SERVICE FOR CHURCHES WHO HAVE HAD TO CANCEL PUBLIC GATHERINGS If your church, like mine, has had to cancel services, I created a … More Children’s Ministry Resources

How do you teach children Bible verses?

how to teach children bible verses

There are so many great ways to help kids memorize scripture. Here are a few of our favorites activities for scripture memory in your family, church, or Sunday School. 5 Ways to Teach Children Bible Verses Like everything it helps to have a plan. Here are some of my favorite ways to help kids memorize their Bible verses. In general, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

When Families Skip Church…

when families skip church

So last week’s post, STOP SHAMING BUSY PARENTS, got some mixed reactions. I think it’s a helpful conversation and a good time to rethink how our shares on Facebook might affect people who are struggling. Let’s all agree to the following… 1. Kids attending church is a good thing (excluding illness etc.) I don’t see any argument here – especially … More Children’s Ministry Resources

The 10 Best Children’s Bibles for 2024

Bible Infographics for Children

What are the best Bibles for children? What suggestions for parents wanting to make Bible story bedtime a habit in their family? What are your top bedtime story Bibles for kids? Top 10 Picks for Best Children’s Bible This article is a guide to the best children’s Bibles. It discusses different Bible versions and features that are good for kids. There … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Printable Devotions for Kids

devotions for kids - free printable PDF

Help children get deeper into God’s Word daily with these 100% free printable kids devotions. Simply download the print friendly PDF below or click to view the full devotional online. These are perfect for families to share quality time together learning about Jesus and God’s Word. Don’t miss our Bible verses for kids to memorize. Simple Format Kids Devotions This … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"God’s Story 365" Devotions for Families

We’re excited about this new resource to help kids and parents daily devotionals in faith together. It’s called God’s Story 365 and is a fun way to explore the Bible as a family! Each page has bright-colored art, short and engaging stories (including biblical references to dive deeper) and table-talk-style questions to get kids of any age talking about the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Thanksgiving Devotional for Families

This devotional is designed for the family and can be done on Thanksgiving or around Thanksgiving. The objective of this devotional is to teach children to thank God for all of the things that they are thankful for. Pre-Devotional Questions: Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? (Answer: Because of the good harvest) Who should we thank at Thanksgiving? (Answer: God) Why … More Children’s Ministry Resources