Choose Joy (Week 1) Devotions from Philippians

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This devotional guide is one part of our larger series based on the book of Philippians. Click here to browse all the guides in this series. You can also leave a comment below to share your ideas with other readers.
[print_link] a copy of this for each child or adult participating in the study. We recommend they also have a personal notebook for the study.

First Day:  Read Philippians 1

  • How many times did Paul say joy and rejoice?  Write the verses.
  • Look up the definition of joy.
  • What brings you joy?  Will you thank God for what brings you joy?

Second Day:  Read Philippians 1:1-7

  • Who is sending this letter?
  • Who is the letter written to?
  • Who are some people you thank God for?
  • What is Paul confident about in verse 6?
  • How could this verse help you in your life today?

Third Day:  Read Philippians 1:8-14

  • In verse 10 what does Paul tell the Philippians they need to do?
  • What choices can you make today that would be the best or excellent?
  • At the time of this letter Paul is under house arrest in Rome.  How did Paul view his circumstances?
  • What good came from Paul’s difficult circumstances?
  • How can others see God in your life through your circumstances?

Day Four:  Read Philippians 1:15-18

  • What were the two reasons Paul gives for why people were preaching the Gospel?
  • What was Paul’s attitude about the different motivations?  (Verse 18)
  • Have you ever shared the Gospel with someone?  Will you pray and ask God to show you someone whom you can share the Good News?

Day Five:  Read Philippians 1:19-24

  • What was Paul struggling with in these passages?
  • Write in your own words what verse 21 means to you.

Day Six:  Read Philippians 1:25-30

  • In verse 27 Paul says, “Stand fast (stand firm) in one spirit.”  Look up the word unity.  How are you trying to stand fast in one spirit (keep unity) with other believers?
  • How are you preparing to suffer for Jesus’ sake (verse 29)?
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