30 Days of Philippians; Printable Bible Verse Bookmarks

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30 Days of Philippians Reading Chart for Children
It’s summer time and I’m looking for ways to get my own children, as well as the children in my classes at church, into the Bible. I want them be encouraged by what the Word of God says. I want them to love the Word!

I just love the book of Philippians! It’s such an encouraging book of the Bible to me. So I put together my yearning for my children to get into the Word and my love of Philippians and have made a 30 Days of Philippians chart.
Reading a book of the Bible seems daunting to most children. They see the Bible as a whole, not as individual books, most of the time. I think by putting it into a chart format, it will make it not so overwhelming for them. My children work well off of a chart to know what they are supposed to do. That’s why I have put together this chart. It looks like a calendar, but without the numbers and days of the week. I formatted it that way for a reason: you could use it any way you choose. If I put the dates on it, it wouldn’t necessarily coincide with when you want to be able to use it with your children.
I have also put together these Bible Verse bookmarks, which will work very well here. When you talk with your children about reading the book of Philippians in 30 days, you can give them one of these bookmarks. I’m going to print them off and laminate them so they last longer.

I’m hoping this gets my kids excited about the Word of God and that it really isn’t overwhelming. I hope that for your children, too!