Gabbit Game: A toy that gets the family talking

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Group Toy Game Gabbit
"Gabbit" is a new game for families from Group Publishing

A few weeks back, Group Publishing sent me a new toy for families called “Gabbit.” It’s a handheld game that can be played almost anywhere. We tried it out in our home and has become one of our favorite.
It’s really a simple concept. Just press the button and answer the question. We liked to pass it around and let each child have a turn, but you could also have everyone answer the same question. Here is the video my kids wanted to make about the Gabbit toy:
Christian parents will like the questions about faith. These were typically simple and started some great conversations. The key is asking follow-up questions. Any question could be a way to talk about God and the Bible if you’re intentional with the Gabbit.
Even without the religious element, spending time listening to my kids was a valuable experience. Family life can be too busy and defending relationship time is essential. Gabbit makes that easy because it’s simple enough for all the kids to play, even while driving in the car.
I could also see this as a church ministry tool. You could use it at the beginning or end of Sunday School class to build relationships. I tried it as a children’s church game when the grown up service ran long, but the group was a little too large.

The Gabbit game is available directly from Group, you can also learn more about Gabbit on facebook.

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