Help for Parents: Preparing Kids for a New School Year

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Helping kids adjust when they go back to school
Yeah! It’s that time again–back to school. With all the uncertainty in the world, it’s easy to see why parents would be a little fearful about sending them to school. As children’s ministers we have the opportunity to help parents send their children back to school safely. Feel free to share these practical tips in your weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter or on the church Facebook page. Build stronger ties with families by providing them with the tools they need for an awesome school experience.
Parents, teach kids your cell phone number. Even if your child carries a cell phone, they need to know your phone number. What happens if the phone’s battery dies or the service isn’t working. In case of emergency, kids need to know your cell phone number.
Pray with kids each morning. On the way to school or before heading out to the bus stop, pray over your kids. Empower them with scripture-based words of encouragement like, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Amen.”
Go to a Blessing of the Backpacks event. Children’s ministry take back to school seriously and many host a blessing of the backpacks event to kick off the school year. Take your child to one of these events. He or she will feel encouraged and blessed!
Tuck an emergency card in the backpack. Encourage parents to tuck a laminated emergency contact card in your child’s backpack. Don’t rely on the “front office” of the school to contact you. In some emergency situations, it is better to have this info easy to find.
Encourage kids to tattle tale. Twenty years ago, tattle-telling was frowned upon. Today, we need as many as we can get. Encourage your kids to tell
Be a listener. When kids want to talk about school, listen. Try not to chime in while he or she talks about their day. Collect information like names of kids who come in conversation or any stress your son or daughter may want to confide in you about. Getting information is the first place to start.
Partner with the teacher in any way that you can. It’s so challenging to manage a work schedule, life at home and all the other things that go in between but you have to make time for the child’s teacher. Plan to attend at least one school event each month. Get to know the teacher. Be a blessing. That will go a long way in making your child’s school year run smoother. Teachers need to know that you have their back!
Talk to the children’s pastor. Here’s a resource many parents forget about–the children’s pastor. How may we serve you? Need prayer coverage? It’s yours! Need advice on tackling tough subjects at home? Just ask–your children’s pastor is willing to help.
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