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Help children get deeper into God’s Word daily with these 100% free printable kids devotions. Simply download the print friendly PDF below or click to view the full devotional online. These are perfect for families to share quality time together learning about Jesus and God’s Word. Don’t miss our Bible verses for kids to memorize.

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Simple Format Kids Devotions

This series helps kids look at major themes: Hope, Love, Trust, Truth, Service, and Perseverance. Every month is contained one a single page and includes 7 daily readings for each week.

Download our entire series of Kids Devotions above in a single PDF document.

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Printable devotionals for children.

“Choose Joy” Devotions for Children

Choose Joy Devotions for Children

There are 7 lessons in this series and each lesson has 6 days of questions regarding the book of Philippians. Everyone wants to be happy, but what does God say? Find out what the Bible says about living a happy and compassionate life. The daily questions also can be used as a take-home page if you use the Bible Lessons on Philippians that encourage students to develop a daily quiet time. It could also be the basis of a family devotions for kids.

Free Children’s Devotionals

The following are our most popular kids devotions. Scroll down to see more or use our search feature to find a specific Bible story or scripture verse. This is a very basic format and younger children will need help from a parent. Each daily scripture is ordered around a theme and offers on simple question for reflection. These should take only a few minutes each day, but can be a great conversation starter for family worship time too. If you are teaching a children’s devotion or ministry moment, we recommend our weekly children’s sermon object lesson that included PDF print and video demonstration.

Bible Reading Chart for Devotions

This is a simple approach that offers a devotional reading for each day in the month. Children are encouraged to read and then discuss what they learned with mom or dad. A brief prayer can follow to further reflect thanks to God will say for the truth they learned. Consistency is the key, 365 days a year. It’s as normal as eating and sleeping – there is no better way to plant the seeds of the Gospel in their life.

Kids Prayer Method

Daily Prayer Time for Kids

What does God say about prayer? We recommend the Hand Prayer and Five Finger Prayer as a wonderful way to guide children in a time of daily kids devotion. This personal worship experience is essential for every kids as they deepen their relationship with Christ. In some families, kids watch so many movies each evening. Why note set aside 5-minutes to hear what God says and respond in worship. Devotion to God is something that parents must teach their children and wait for the Holy Spirit move in their hearts.

Bonus Kids Devotion Ideas

Our website has thousands of resources to help kids grow closer to Christ. Here are a few more examples. For more ideas see our sister site Devotional Christian.

Perfume (a Devotional for a Young Girl’s Heart) Mark 14:6

This kids devotional is designed to be done between a parent and their daughter; it teaches young girls about beauty and about the love of Christ. Often kids have an idea that God is far away, but this devotional draws the understanding of God close to the young girl. Devotional Reinforcement: A Bottle of perfume Pre-Devotional […]

Devotions with a Kid-Friendly Pirate Theme

I can’t say that I understand the fascination with pirates, but it exists!  Kids love pretending to be pirates!  They adore the ideas of ship travel, the anchor drop, a hook for a hand, buried loot, and treasure maps. If your little one has a fascination for playing the part of a pirate, why not teach […]

8 Easy Tips for Devotions
Family Devotions

Two weeks ago, our family sat around the breakfast table and opened our first “Resurrection Egg.”  I was so excited to break open these nifty little teaching tools, with elements of Christ’s journey to the cross, tucked inside.  I had visions of dreamy Bible lessons and sweet little children soaking in every word.  Well, it […]

Creepy Crawly Devotions

In our home, we have a thing for bugs, spiders, and the like.  I don’t mind them and all, but my kids LOVE them.  It’s almost disturbing how my daughter can have seven worms climbing up her arms simultaneously.  She giggles as I gasp…. Yuck! Though you would never catch me covered with creepy crawlers, […]

Family Devotions for the Big City
Cooking Up Devotions with Your Kids

Psalm 34:8 invites us to, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Jesus calls Himself the bread of life and He encourages His followers to be the salt of the earth.   There are innumerable references to fruit, fish, and oil in the Bible.   Sometimes food staples such as these are mentioned as part of […]

5 On-The-Go Devotions for Summertime
“Back to School” Devotional for Kids (Proverbs 1:5-7)

This free devotional is designed to prepare the heart of the kids for “yet another” year of school. The whole family is invited to join in on this devotional so that you can learn together about God and His heart for wisdom! Devotional Reinforcements: Give each child a backpack and a Bible. Pre-Devotional Questions: Why […]

Seek Thee (Family Devotional)

Seek Thee is a kids devotional designed to connect God’s creation to the Bible. This devotional would be perfect for summer and/ or a camping trip. It focuses on one verse and helps the kids put it into action.  Activity One: As a family wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. The kids would […]

Trick-Or-Treat (Halloween Devotional for the Family)

This devotional is designed for families to be used on the night of Halloween. Halloween can be a scary time for children and so this devotional focuses on the fact that we can trust Christ in all situations. What does God say about fear? Pre-Devotional Questions: What is your favorite part of trick-or-treating? Does Halloween […]

Devotional: People Please Don’t Reduce People to “Quality Lists”

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