Bible Quiz (Video Format) Questions & Answers for Bible Trivia Game

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Youth, adults, and kids will love these video format Bible quiz questions & answers. It’s in a game show format and all you need to do is play the video. It’s perfect for any small group gathering, Sunday School, or children’s church setting. Don’t miss our free printable Bible Trivia Questions and Answers.

These awesome videos are from our friends at children’s ministry deals. They sell a downloadable video of this video Bible trivia quiz.

multiple choice bible trivia quiz

Bible Quiz Videos – with Multiple Choice Answers

Students, children, or adults will love these scripture based trivia questions and answers. They are in a game show format and easy to use simply by pausing the video. This is a fun way to do Bible trivia with any church or Sunday School group. Use them in a fun quiz style game with children, teens, or adults.

Trivia Topics in this Video Quiz

Bible Trivia General

Questions about Creation

Animals Trivia

Bible Trivia 10 Commandments

Noah’s Ark Multiple Choice Questions

Quiz (Genesis) God Creates Man and Woman

Bible Trivia 12 Disciples

Bible Quiz on the Christmas Story

Water in the Bible

Food in the Bible

Questions and Answers about David and Goliath

How will you use this Biblical Trivia Game?

We’ve love to hear how this resource is helpful in your ministry. Did you use it at a student ministry rally or for an adult small group retreat at your church.

It’s a fun format and we hope you are able to check out the full length downloadable version too.

bible trivia quiz game

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