Family Ministries Ideas: The Lord's Prayer

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The Lord’s prayer is simple but perhaps that’s what makes it so powerful. The words of Jesus have resonated with humanity for 2000 years–long after he first spoke them. What better prayer example can we ask for? If you have a heart to get your families praying this prayer at home, give them some inspiration. Put some suggestions in your next bulletin or newsletter. By giving them some ideas, you’ll empower parents and grandparents to teach this biblical prayer.
Send home a prize! Put a small, inexpensive prize in a loot bag and seal it up. Send the prize home with a note saying something like, “Your child needs to practice saying the Lord’s prayer. Will you allow him to read it to you? When he does, he may open the treat bag! I’ve included a copy of this prayer, in case he forgets it.” It’s a fun way to get parents involved in their child’s prayer life!
Send home a framed copy. For this family ministry idea, print a copy of the Lord’s prayer on colorful paper and slide the print in an inexpensive picture frame. Send one copy home with each family. You could also do laminated, magnetized copies of the prayer too.
Give each child a prayer journal. On the first page, write the Lord’s prayer or have the child write the Lord’s prayer  themselves during class. Ask your children to say the Lord’s prayer every night before bed and encourage them to write in their journals afterwards. Help kids see that God does answer prayers!
Post the Lord’s prayer in your bulletin. Want to put some emphasis on this power-packed prayer? Feature it in your correspondence with parents. You could devote an entire month to the Lord’s prayer. Include website links that parents could use if they decide to get involved in praying for their family. Each week, focus on a different verse of the prayer. Even though they may not tell you, most parents do read the take home papers.
Learning the Lord’s prayer will help your children develop a stronger faith. When faced with life’s challenges, they’ll know how to talk to God naturally. You can do it!
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