New Family Tradition for Advent (Plan Ahead) Gift for Someone in Need

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We all make Christmas lists (either written or in our minds) with cousins, friends, parents, or work associates etc. This year I am adding something new to my list and it started with a minor traffic jam on the way home from Sam’s Club.

What if we plan ahead for God Moments?

This was clearly a “God moment” where this woman saw a need and her heart was stirred up to take action. It was a beautiful moment where God had planned the whole situation. The KFC family meal, the homeless man hiking along that highway, and the woman who was willing to take a risk and show KINDNESS.

I’m 100% certain this woman loves Jesus.

I didn’t need to see a bumper sticker, or a Christian t-shirt, or anything else besides her others-focus actions. That’s the kind of thing that our Savior makes happen.

So what if we planned ahead (and looked out) for these kind of moments God puts in our lives?

Some ways to plan ahead to share with others:

Plan Ahead Gift Ideas

  1. Buy extra gift cards to local restaurants you can share with people in need, whenever you cross their paths.
  2. Assemble a homeless care pack (toiletries, non-perishable snacks, McDonalds’ gift card) and keep it in your car.
  3. Keep and extra $20 cash in your car for that panhandler on your way home from Walmart.
  4. Call your local school and ask if they need some extra money for their “needy family” projects.
  5. Go to a restaurant (or gas station) on Christmas Eve and leave a $20 tip for whoever is working (even if you don’t buy anything).
  6. Be like my hero today, get a family pack of KFC and drive down to where homeless people often camp.
  7. Sponsor a child as a family (or Sunday School class) and invite children to donate their “Christmas money” to that cause

Share Your Ideas for Helping Others

This is just a top-of-mind kind of post, but I’d love to get more ideas from you. Leave a comment below to encourage others in making a difference this Christmas season.

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