Thanksgiving Interview Idea for Children & Families

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Having trouble getting the children in your ministry to talk with the older generations at your church? Here’s a wonderful project to get multiple generations talking together.
Give each of the children in your ministry a copy of this interview (there are 2 per page). Have them interview someone in your congregation, trying to have them all interview someone different. Encourage them to not just interview their parents or someone they know well. After they have completed the interviews, have them bring the papers back to class. They could then read their interview to the class so that they other kids could know more about the others in the congregation.

This project could be completed in a multitude of ways. They could be gathered together and made into a book for everyone one to read. You could also have the children glue their interview onto construction paper and then decorate. Then you could post all of the interviews on a bulletin board for the whole congregation to see. The children could even decorate their page and make it into a card to give back to the person they interviewed.
Have fun with this project and help the generations in your church connect with each other.
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