We All Need to Recharge in Christ – Devotion

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We All Need to Recharge in Christ - Devotion

In this modern age of electronic emphasis and technological advance, we have grown somewhat dependent on our gadgets and appliances. Anyone who has had the misfortune of going without a phone or temporarily losing power can understand the frustrated feeling of detachment that comes with not being able to instantly access the usual contacts and keep up with friends. And having a cell phone is quite pointless if it has not been plugged in to charge the battery. Having a battery charger is not too helpful if there is no outlet in which to plug, accessing a power source. In order for electronics to function, they must be plugged and/or charged.

We might take all of this for granted, but upon closer examination it really serves as a decent illustration of our lives as ministry workers and as Christians. We might attend church services, read our manuals and lesson plans, recite verses, and own several Bibles. However, our efforts are futile and fruitless if we are not genuinely, authentically pursuing a relationship with and knowledge of the Holy One. When we grow preoccupied and even obsessed with checking off all of the items on our endless to-do lists, we neglect the most important element of accessing the true power source. A Bible that sits on the shelf is about as useful as a battery-drained cell phone. We have the tools at our disposal. We know how to use them. Yet somehow we forget the simple “plugging in” step.

So how do we make sure we are fully charged? For one thing, examine time and priorities. These two are linked, and (though it may seem and should be obvious) the things we spend the most time doing are often our top priorities. Do you spend more time planning lesson activities or studying the Bible story to truly learn from it yourself? Are you rushing into service or Sunday school class, or taking time to pray for each student before hand? Do you feel eager and happy to lead, or burned out and frustrated? Never shy from taking a step back to re-boot, refresh, and re-charge. Even Jesus understood the importance of taking time alone and away. If the Son of God could find opportunity to remove himself for focus and renewal in spirit, then so can we.

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