Lesson: God Uses a Servant Girl to Heal Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-19)

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Lesson: God Uses a Servant Girl to Heal Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-19)
Naaman was commander of the Army, wealthy, and talented soldier.  He had everything going for him, except leprosy.  While leprosy may have been a burden to Naaman, it brought him to Israel to the prophet Elisha who told him about the one true God.  Naaman had a servant girl from Israel who told Naaman’s wife about Elisha.  God could have helped Naaman’s leprosy in many ways, but he chose to use one small girl to bring him to healing.  God used Naaman’s servant girl to bring others to Himself and He can use your students too.
Lesson Title: God Uses a Servant Girl to Heal Naaman
Bible Reference: 2 Kings 5:1-19
Target Age Group: Preschool
Learning Context: Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 1 hour
Learning Aim:  God can use me to do big things.

Bible Lesson: God Heals Naaman’s Leprosy

Before the Activity: You will need small round stickers to pass out to the kids.
During the Activity: As you tell the story pass out round stickers to symbolize Naaman’s leprosy.  At the end of the lesson the class will lose their spots just like Naaman did.
Say:  Many years ago in the country of Aram there lived a man named Naaman.  Naaman was a great soldier and was in charge of the army.  Everything was going well for Naaman except that he had leprosy. Leprosy was a skin disease that left spots on your skin.
At this point pass out the stickers and let the kids stick them onto their arms and legs to represent leprosy.
Naaman’s wife had a servant girl who was from Israel.  This little servant girl knew God and had heard of a prophet named Elisha who could heal Naaman.  Since she was just a servant girl she could have kept her mouth shut, but she didn’t.  She told Naaman’s wife about Elisha and Naaman’s wife told Naaman. 
Naaman was super excited that he might be healed!  He quickly got permission from his boss to go to Israel.  His boss wrote a letter to the King of Israel asking for Naaman to be healed.  But, we have to remember that Israel and Aram were two very different countries and they sometimes fought.  So when the King of Israel read the letter he was afraid.  He thought that Naaman’s country wanted to fight with his country. 
Then Elisha heard about what was going on and he stepped in.  He told Naaman that if he wanted to be healed then he would have to go to the Jordan River and wash himself in the water seven times.  After he washed himself seven times he would be healed.  Now, when Naaman heard this he got mad!  Can you believe that?  He thought that something miraculous would happen when he was healed.  He didn’t want to get into the yucky Jordan River.  There were rivers in Aram and Naaman could have just washed off in one of those rivers instead of going all the way to Israel. 
Finally, Naaman gave in and washed himself seven times in the Jordan River.  When he did, he was healed. 
At this time help the kids remove their spots and throw them away.
Naaman thanked Elisha and said that now he knew that God was real. Naaman promised that he would not worship any other gods now, only the one true God who healed him.  When he got back home his life was changed in more way than one.  He no longer had leprosy and he and his household worshiped God. 
What an awesome story!  All of this happened because a little servant girl was willing to speak up.  God can use anybody to do his work.  He can use a little servant girl and He can use you too! 
Activity: Sweep Up The Spots
Before the Activity: You will need several small brooms and dust pans, and small craft pom poms.
During the activity: Spread the spots (pom poms) on the floor and give each child a broom and dust pan.  The object of this activity is for the kids to get rid of the spots on the floor as quickly as possible by sweeping them into the dust pan.  As you play, talk about how God used the servant girl to help get rid of Naaman’s spots.
Activity: Seven Dips
Before the Activity: Place a bowl or several bowls of water on the table so that all students can reach it.  Give each child a spoon and clear plastic cup.  Make sure to have a towel handy in case you need it!
During the Activity:  Count together as each student dips their spoon into the water then carefully pours the water from the spoon into their cup.  After you have scooped up seven spoonfuls of water talk about how Naaman was healed by washing himself in the water seven times.  Compare how much water is in each cup and the child who collected the most water is the winner.
Activity: Big Things
Before the Activity:  You will need crayons and paper for each child.
During the Activity: Say: God used a little servant girl from Israel to heal Naaman and lead him to understand who Jesus is.  God can use you to do big things too!  Is there someone that you can tell about God?  Draw a picture of yourself talking to someone about God.  Someday God might use you to help other people learn about God.   Have each child draw a picture of themselves telling someone about God.  Talk about people that they know and see often.  Encourage them to tell the story of Naaman and the servant girl to a friend.
Closing Prayer
Close the lesson in prayer.  Pray that God would show each student their place in His will.  Pray that they would have courage and opportunities to tell others about God.

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