Bath Time with Naaman…Following Strange Instructions

            The story of Naaman is an interesting one, with a couple of quality take-away elements for children. The Bible tale itself has entertainment value for its odd Jordan River bathing and skin disease factor. But as a teaching tool it is also great to remind kids of the importance of being willing to follow God’s instructions, even when they … More Children’s Ministry Resources

God Healed Naaman 2 Kings 5 (Sunday School Lesson)

Title: God Healed Naaman Scripture: 2 Kings 5 Target Age Group: 3rd-5th grade Main Point: God healed Naaman’s disease. Lesson Opening Ask: Have you ever had a parent or teacher give you instructions that you really didn’t want to follow?  What were the instructions?  What did you do? Say:  Today we’ll hear a story about a man who was given … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Naaman Is Healed (2 Kings 5)

Sometimes in our life we go through situations that are difficult. Naaman was an interesting character in the Bible. He had leprosy and wanted to be healed, but wasn’t willing to do what God’s prophet, Elisha, told him to do. This is a great lesson to teach our children about following directions and more importantly following what God tells us … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Lesson: Elisha and Naaman

This lesson was adapted for older students about Naaman and Elisha.  The students discover that only faith in the Lord Jesus cleanses a person from the consequences of sin (death). This is only a guide, please adapt to the needs of your class. Bible Passage:  2 Kings 5:1-9 Bible Story Title:  Elisha and Naaman  Target Age Group:  Ages 9-11 (3rd-5th … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"2 Kings" Bible Coloring Page

We created this free printable as a tool to help children learn about the second book of Samuel. You can also search our website and find lesson plans another ideas related to the story of Solomon and King David. We are in the early stages of creating a coloring sheet for each book in the Bible. The project is just beginning and … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Elisha's Enemies (Sunday School Lesson for Kids)

This free Bible lesson is based on the story where the King of Syria sends his armies to capture Elisha because he reveals his military plans to Israel’s king. Elisha calms his servant’s fears by praying that God would allow him to see the heavenly armies protecting them. This lesson was prepared with upper elementary age students in mind. The … More Children’s Ministry Resources