Video Led “Family Christmas Experience” from Go Curriculum

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With the ongoing health concerns of Covid-19, many churches will skip their annual Christmas programs for children. That leaves a big gap in the ministry calendar since many congregations plan their pageants for months during the Advent season. The church Christmas play is a time when families come together (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more) to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Go Curriculum (makers of BOLT VBS) just announced a fun new program called “Dough Holy Night” that could help fill that gap. This video led family experience will bring everyone together in the most important room of your home – the kitchen!

Family Ministry 🍪 Meets Cooking Challenge to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

Dough Holy Night” is a deliciously-fun family experience with the true meaning of Christmas baked in…. When ready, families gather together in the kitchen, then press play on the “Dough Holy Night” video. The Cookie Crew then walks them through the entire baby Jesus baking experience. Parents (or churches) provide the simple baking ingredients, we provide the rest. With minimal preparation, easy to follow instructions, and a video that leads families step-by-step through the entire experience, “Dough Holy Night” is a truly unique way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. When it’s all done and the last crumb has been consumed, everyone’s heart will be as full as their tummy!

At Home Alternative to Christmas Program at Church

This is a religious experience that every family can enjoy, even if your church has cancelled it’s Christmas play. From preschool through high school, the whole family can enjoy this together. But why keep the good news to yourself? Invite your friends and neighbors over so they can enjoy the sweet celebration with you. It’s the perfect neighborhood outreach tool.

You will remember Go Curriculum from their groundbreaking Family Easter Egg Hunt and BOLT Virtual VBS. That’s not to mention their powerful Go+ Kids Church Online.

They have options for church license or individual families. Learn more and signup for more information on their website.

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