Father's Day Games for Children's Ministry

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Father's Day Games for Children's Ministry Undoubtedly, you’ll be presenting your children’s ministry with a smashing Father’s Day lesson. Hopefully you will have some extra faces for Father’s Day and if so, you should have a few extra games available. Besides impressing the new kids, you’ll also provide necessary activities for free time. Games help reinforce the lesson and they make good opportunities for new volunteers to get their feet wet.
Get Dressed, Daddy!
Supplies: For this Father’s Day game, you need two suitcases and two of the following items: hat, tie, jacket, shoes, eyeglasses. You may also need masking tape.
Prepare: Use the masking tape to create a start and finish line on the floor. The lines should be at least 10 feet apart. Place one suit of clothing and one pair of eyeglasses in the suitcase. Close the case and set it at the start line. Divide the kids into two equal teams. Have them line up behind the start line.
Play: When you give the signal, the first child in each line will open the suitcase and get dressed. (The “Daddy” clothing will go on top of their regular clothing.) Then they take the suitcase and run to the finish line. When they get there, they open the suitcase and take off the Daddy clothing. With a full, packed suitcase, they run back to the start line and the next child does the same thing. The first team to complete the task is the winner!
Pin the Tie on Daddy
Supplies: Brown paper, scissors, construction paper, pen, pushpins and a blindfold.
Prepare: Draw a large “Daddy” figure on brown paper and cut him out with scissors. Hang the cut out on the wall at a comfortable position for kids. Cut out construction paper ties. Place the ties and pushpins on a nearby table.
Play: One at a time, blindfold each child and hand him a pin and a tie. The goal is to see who gets the construction paper tie in the right place. The kid that places the tie the closest to where it belongs is the winner.
If you have extra time, you can always keep kids occupied with a spirited game of “Father, May I?” or “Daddy Says” (instead of Simon Says). Have fun!
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