Forgiveness Object Lesson: Asking the Father (Mark 11:25)

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Forgiveness Object Lesson: Asking the Father (Mark 11:25)“Why isn’t God hearing my prayers,  Miss Monica?”
That’s a question one of my kids asked me recently. Where to begin? I totally understood what my children’s church member was asking me. I had been there too. Sure, there are many reasons why a prayer can be hindered. Some of those top prayer-crushers are “asking amiss” and “having no faith” but I knew this child’s prayer. Her request was well thought, biblical and sincere. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit quickly gave me a clue as to what was happening. I would never have applied this prayer deterrent to a child but honestly, God’s kingdom is the same for everyone regardless of age.
This was the verse He brought back to my memory:
And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. (Mark 11:25)

This encounter led me to create this object lesson. Ready to empower your kids’ prayer lives?
What You’ll Need

  • Walkie talkies
  • Batteries

Prepare to Teach
Remove the batteries from one of the walkie talkies. Hide the batteries so the kids won’t see the until you need them.
Let’s Teach
Hey everyone! I want to talk to you today about a special topic, it’s one that effects us all–prayer! How many of you have prayed today? What about this week? What about this month? How many of you have had God answer a prayer like this! (Snap your fingers.) How many of you have prayed and prayed a bunch of times but haven’t seen your prayer answered yet? (Count the hands.)
Sometimes it takes a while to see an answer to your prayer. Sometimes God wants to increase our faith. He makes it stronger when we keep praying to Him. But there are sometimes when prayers don’t go through because our prayers are blocked.
Let’s read this verse together. Everyone turns to Mark 11:25. Let’s read this together. (Read the verse)
As you can plainly see, our prayers can be hindered if we refuse to forgive people. When we forgive others, God forgives us and answers our prayer. Let me show you what I mean. (Pick a volunteer.) I am going to give my friend here this walkie talkie. Will you please go stand in the other room? Wait for me to call you before you come back, okay? (Once the child leaves, pick up the walkie talkie.)
Hello, hello. Can you hear me? Over! (No answer.)
Let’s try it again. (Try it a few times.)
Let’s check the batteries. (Check the batteries.) Oh no, I have no power. That’s just like my prayers. I can call God again and again and He can’t here me if my prayers have no power. I have to keep my prayers powerful by forgiving others. (Put the batteries in and try again.)
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