Frugal Writing Center for Homeschooling

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Ideas for a Writing Center for Homeschoolers
While going through some “mystery” boxes in some of our closets, I came across some items that I thought my boys could play with, instead of just throwing them away. I decided to make a Writing Center for them. Playing is one of the many ways that children learn, so I thought that this was perfect.
Here is a list of the items that I had put in the Writing Center:

  • Wipe off ABC placemat
  • Elmo drawing book (wipe off)
  • Wedding guest book
  • Feather pen (used at our wedding – this was a favorite item)
  • Mailbox (I got this at Walmart for $.37 after Valentine’s Day)
  • Old checkbook registry and deposit slips
  • Pens/Colored Pencils/Dry Erase Markers
  • Cut up scraps of paper
  • Sales receipt books
  • Envelopes
  • Old Invitations (these were from my college graduation)

I found some other things (as I kept cleaning out closets) that I want to add for next time. They are:

  • Yellow Pages (I also want to use this for ABC order for a Reading Center, later)
  • Old Workbooks (my youngest will like these to do “school”)
  • Winnie the Pooh Birthday Thank You notes (from an old birthday party)
  • Stickers
  • Pictures with words (from some airplane activities we did before a trip we had taken)
  • Address labels (that were sent in the mail)

I put everything into a basket that I had around the house. I had everything at my house already so in essence I made a Writing Center for free. I’m sure if you look around your house and try to think outside of the box at things, you could put together a Writing Center for free, too. Leave a comment below to share your ideas and let us know what you discover around your home. You can also [print_link] this article for reference.

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