Valentine's Activities for Kids Church

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Valentine's Day activities for children's church
Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to remind kids that God loves them and that Christians should love one another. Besides having a fantastic lesson on these subjects, you should have the appropriate activities to reinforce them. Work some of these activities into your itinerary as icebreakers or for breaks in your lesson. I like these activities because they are suitable for almost every age.
Kazoo Contest: Before the event, buy plastic kazoos. You need one for each child, sharing isn’t sanitary. Let kids practice using them for a few seconds then have a contest. Ask your kids to play, “Jesus Love Me,” on the kazoo, two at a time. Let the audience choose who the winners are. Have a kazoo choir and lead them all in songs like, “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”
Candy Heart Contest: For this activity, you need candy hearts and a jar. If you prefer, you could use jellybeans too. Count the candies as you pour them into the jar. Put a sheet of notebook paper next to the jar and let kids write down their guesses on how many candies are in the jar. At the end of the class or party, announce the winner.
Love Bingo: If your church is opposed to playing bingo, then ignore this game and move on to the next one, please.  Create bingo cards using your computer. Instead of numbers and letters, put pictures of your kids, teachers or Bible characters in the bingo boxes. Give kids candy hearts as place holders and everyone gets a bingo card. Kids love seeing their pictures.
Heart Fishing: I have a volunteer who loves crafts. She helped me with this activity. Cut out dozens of construction paper hearts. Make them 3 to 4 inches wide in Valentine’s colors like pink, red or white. Write a scripture on one side of the heart. I used love scriptures. On the other side, attach a small magnet at the center of each heart. Place the hearts magnet side up on the floor or on a table. Give each child a plastic fishing rod with a magnet on the end of the line. You can find these at easily at dollar stores. Kids snag a heart then look it up in the Bible. If they aren’t too shy, I ask them to read the verses aloud.

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