Valentine Outreach Ideas for Kids

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Valentine Outreach & Service Ideas for Kids
Are you always looking for ways to keep kids involved in outreach ministry? Want some ideas for teaching your group about servanthood? Evangelism is a big part of what my local church’s mission statement but finding activities kids can participate in is challenging at times. Especially when parents can’t bring them or stay with them. Still, at least once a quarter, we rally the troops and do our best to do some good. What better time to serve others than on Valentine’s Day? Try these outreach ideas for kids. They can make a difference!
Decorate cupcakes for seniors. This idea is great if you have a significant number of seniors in your church. If you have many, you could target just a special group, like widows and widowers or seniors with families that live far away. You could bake or solicit unfrosted cupcakes from your parents. Bring some frosting, sprinkles, cupcake boxes or small plates. Ask each child to frost a cupcake and sign a Valentine card. Give those items to your seniors! You could also deliver cupcakes to a retirement home.
Make care packages for foster families. In your bulletin, ask your kids to bring donations for care packages. This could be new, wrapped toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shampoo and body washes. Also ask for small toys, coloring books and crayons. Once you get enough supplies, stuff them in shoeboxes and deliver them to local foster families. (You may have to do some contact work beforehand.)
Bring bibles for kids. Your church’s children’s ministry could always use bibles! Parents and kids should bring bibles to kids’ church and when you get enough, distribute them in your community. It may also be a good idea to keep extras around for new children who may not have a bible at home.
Sponsor a pizza party–for someone else! With a few offerings, your children’s ministry could sponsor a pizza party for a local scout group or classroom. It’s a great way to reach children outside your church circle. Another great idea–sponsor a pizza party for the younger or older class.
Create an appreciation basket for the pastor’s wife. If your church has a busy pastor’s wife, why not show her some appreciation. You could run wild with the Valentine’s Day theme and put a basket together for her. Scented candles, chocolates and little knick-knacks make great little gifts.
With some creativity, you can show the world how to serve and love one another. You can do it!
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