Valentine's Banquet for Kids Church

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If you’ve never considered hosting a Valentine’s banquet in kids’ church, perhaps you should! It is the perfect holiday for putting the focus on God’s love for us individually. Your children will be inundated with advertisements and television about finding love, being in love and falling in love. Help parents and grandparents teach their children that perfect love comes from God and He loves us perfectly!
Make a place for Him. Put a big, decorated chair at the head of the table. That’s God’s chair! Explain to your children that even though He’s invisible now, (He’s Spirit) He is present. It’s good to make room for God. During the course of the banquet lead the kids in a standing ovation for God. Read John 3:16 as a letter from God to all the kids there.
Send up a group Valentine card to God—via helium balloon. Purchase or make a giant Valentine’s Day card and ask all the kids to sign it. Set an example, sign it first. Write something like, “Thank you God for loving me so much. I love you!”  Hole punch the corner of the card attach several helium balloons to the card. Step outside together and send the card up, up, up.
Show a Valentine’s themed Power Point or video. Instead of “teaching” a lesson, why not create Power Point slide show illustration with short verses about God’s love. Add photos to and animations! (There are also companies online that have done the work for you. You could purchase one of those.)
Let kids make a big entrance. Encourage your kids to dress up and make a big entrance at the Valentine’s banquet. Have kids walk through a balloon arch or a decorated doorway. Ask them to stop and pose as they come in. Show kids how special they are!
Most importantly of all shower them with love—God’s love! As His ambassador, you have the responsibility of teaching kids how much He cares for them.
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