Good Friday & Easter Worksheets – Printable

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Don’t miss the free Easter Worksheets offered by Children’s Worship Bulletins!

These free printable worksheets remind children of the meaning of Good Friday and Easter. They can be printed back-to-back or used separately. They would be a perfect addition to your Sunday School lesson or simply to have on hand for children in the adult worship service.

They can be used as kids’ bulletins during Good Friday or Easter services or used as an activity in a kids’ class. The second worksheet mentions traditional Easter symbols but ties them in with the real meaning of Easter.

Pencils and crayons are needed. The older children can work the puzzles, and the younger children can at least color the pictures.

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  1. It’s a great moment that I have been connected to ministry to children this has helped with new ideas in sharing God’s message to children n may the Almighty bless you. Thanks for helping us reach out to children!!!

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