How Important is Bible Reading to You?

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How important is reading the Bible? I say that it’s imperative to a good relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a book written by our Heavenly Father, so wouldn’t we want to read it? In order to know about our Creator, we should read His book. It tells of Jesus’ coming, Jesus here on earth, and Jesus’ 2nd coming. It tells of His love for you and how He sent His only son for you. It tells about ordinary people doing extraordinary things with His power and for His glory.
How much do you read your Bible? Does it get dusted off every Sunday to bring to church or is it falling apart at the seams? Do you read your Bible every day? If you answered “Yes”, how long have you been doing it? Think about when you first decided to read your Bible every day. Was it hard to keep at it? Did you ever want to quit? It’s a hard thing to do to start a new habit. Some people say that it takes 28 days to start a habit, but what happens if you get sick? Do you go back when you’re well?
Well, I wanted to start my students on a habit of reading the Bible. I created a simple calendar for them to keep track of their reading. I started them out with 10 minutes of reading their Bible each day for about 2 weeks. Then, it got moved to 15 minutes a day, then 20 minutes, etc. It’s not a whole lot, but it will definitely get them on the road to reading their Bible daily. I am hoping by doing this, they will continue through their life with reading their Bible.
I made the calendar so that it has two per page to cut and give to two different children. I hope this helps our children get into the habit of reading the Bible and getting it into their hearts.

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