Rachel and Leah: Printable Bible Study Worksheet

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I wanted to give my students a better understanding of Rachel and Leah and so I put together this simple Bible study for them to learn a little more about these two sisters. This Bible study gives a few facts about each of them as well as all of their children.

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We did this study at a Wednesday night Bible study, but it could also be used in a large Children’s Church or Sunday School. I wanted to make sure that the children were understanding the difference of these women, so we ended up taking two class sessions to get through everything. I had the children wait on cutting everything out. We actually cut each piece out as we needed it and this really helped with my children who have a hard time reading (and we didn’t lose any slips, either). This worked with my K-5th grade class really well. We looked up each Bible verse, discussed it, and glued it where it needed to go. We did the worksheet about Leah and Rachel first and then the worksheet about their children. I added their maids, Bilpah and Zilpah, so that it shows all of the children of Jacob.
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