Keeping God First Object Lesson (Matthew 22:37)

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Keeping God First Object Lesson (Matthew 22:37)Kids have a lot to distraction them from God. Video games, school, home life are just a few of those common distractions. Actually, in some cases, kids have even more distractions than adults. God’s gives us instruction about staying focused and keeping God first. I use the following verse for teaching this object lesson. Jesus replied: β€˜Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”Β  Matthew 22:37

What You’ll Need

  • Three to four tennis balls
  • Permanent marker

Prepare to Teach
Write “God” on one tennis ball with the permanent markers. Write other words that represent distractions on the other tennis balls. You can put more than one word on each tennis ball except the “God” ball. You should teach this somewhere you can bounce the tennis balls easily, either off the floor or off a table.
Let’s Teach
Bounce the “God” tennis ball and ask someone to read the verse. “That verse says love God with all your heart and soul and mind. That takes some concentration, doesn’t it? I guess it’s pretty easy to keep focused on God, at least for a little while but what happens when other distractions show up? (Stop bouncing.) Let me explain what a distraction is–it is anything that takes your mind off God. For example, if I only play Mario Kart all day long and never talk to God or think about him, then I am distracted. Too distracted! (Start bouncing two balls, one God ball and one other one.) Let’s say that I’m playing Mario Kart all day with my new friend. All I can think about is my new friend–and Mario Kart! (Add another ball and try to bounce all three.) Wow, that’s hard to do! I hope that I can do this. (Try and fail a few times.) I guess that proves it. We have to stay focused on God. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You can! But don’t forget to love on God. He loves you!”
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