Kids and Trauma: You Ministry is Their Lifeline

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Every week hurting kids are coming to our churches, but do we recognize the symptoms? Are we prepared to offer God’s love to a child who demonstrates difficult behaviors rooted in difficult life experience?

I’m grateful to work of so many leaders who are drawing attention to this ministry opportunity (and challenge). Here are some resources from Kim Botto to help you understand and minister to children who have experienced trauma.

How Your Ministry Can Be a Lifeline for Traumatized Children

YouTube video
Kim Botto shares about the challenges faced by Traumatized Kids

Resources for Ministry to Traumatized Kids (Kim Botto)

Kim leads the kids and student teams at Crossroads Church, as well as their initiatives around adoption, foster care and vulnerable kids. Crossroads has sites in Ohio and Kentucky. Kim’s passion is creating fun and safe environments for all kids regardless of their background, energy level or unique needs. She also serves vulnerable kids and their families through community training and advocacy. Connect with Kim at or on Twitter @KimbellB.

More Resources for Trauma Informed Children’s Ministry

From the Team at INCM

According to a study from researchers from the U.S. CDC and published in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics: 1 billion children worldwide have experienced some form of trauma.

Let that sink in for a moment… This is an overwhelming number. These traumatic experiences have a major impact on their health and relationships. As a children’s ministry leader, you have the unique opportunity to help these children struggling with grief and trauma. The presence of a safe adult in the life of a child who has experienced grief and trauma is pivotal for their healing and their ability to learn to regulate stress in healthy ways.

Learn more about their online training for helping kids who have been traumatized.

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