Mother’s Day Service in Children’s Ministry

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mothers-day-kidIt’s time to talk about Mother’s Day! It’s a huge day for church attendance and in children’s ministry, it’s especially important. I’m fairly sure most children’s workers have already though about crafts and a lesson but that’s not all you can do. Make moms feel special by incorporating these ideas into your ministry time.
Idea #1: Encourage everyone from volunteers to kids to dress up for Mother’s Day. Moms do love to see us in our Sunday best, don’t they? Make it extra fun by encouraging kids to wear hats too! Have a hat parade to show off the outfits.
Idea #2: Ask children to introduce their Moms to everyone in the room during take in and pick up. Handout special name tags that say, “#1 Mom” or “Best Mom.”
Idea #3: Invite a Mom to lead the worship service, (if one doesn’t already.) Invite a few ladies to attend the worship service to wave flags or help toss beach balls.
Idea #4: Have donuts and juice available for families to enjoy. It’s a nice way to recognize mothers and curb the hunger pains while they are waiting on that special brunch.
Idea #5: Resist the temptation to get too sappy. Kids are so tenderhearted, especially when it comes to mothers. Keep the service upbeat and happy. Tell a few “mom” jokes or funny mom stories before your lesson. (Also, be sensitive to special circumstances like the loss of a mother or grandmother. Acknowledge these losses but don’t linger on them. Do encourage kids to talk to you if they need you.)
Idea #6: Before the service, secretly give Moms questionnaires to fill out. During the Mother’s Day service, read some of the answers and let kids guess who the mothers were. It’s pretty funny when they get it wrong.
Mother’s Day is such a special time for families. I believe anytime you can lift up families and family life, it’s a good thing. Show your children how important it is to respect and love their mothers. You can totally do it!
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