Newsletter Ideas for Mother’s Day for Kids Church

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Newsletter Ideas for Mother's DayMother’s Day is not specifically a Christian holiday but many churches do take that day to honor women. By honoring motherhood, we acknowledge the significance of Mom’s role in our faith and culture. If your children’s ministry publishes a newsletter, you can throw the spotlight on some of the mothers in your ministry. Show parents some love in the month of May by featuring them in your bulletin or newsletter. Start with these ideas!
Getting to Know You
Have aspiring young writers in your church? Ask older kids to write a paragraph about their moms. Let them know you might feature their “article” in the newsletter. Lead them with some questions like, “What makes your Mom so special?” or “What’s your favorite Mom memory?” A brief questionnaire could work too. Put four or five questions on your list like, “What’s her favorite food, color or song?” A newsletter makes a great keepsake. If you have many children in your ministry, consider featuring several moms each week. Here’s a simple mother’s day interview you can download from our website.
Featured Recipes
Even picky eaters have favorite foods! Ask your children what’s their favorite meal at home. Follow up with Mom and ask her for the recipe. Feature that recipe in the newsletter with a little write up from the child about how delicious it is.
Moms in Ministry
Thank goodness for moms in ministry, right? Do feature them in your newsletter! Post a picture, name, how long they have served with you and what tasks they do. Finish your volunteer mom spotlight with a personal note of appreciation and recognition. This idea goes along with our Bible lesson “Learning from Mom.”
Biblical Moms
You can’t have a good ministry newsletter without some mention of biblical moms. Post a few facts about moms from the Bible like Hannah, Mary, Sarah or Rachel. Don’t miss our Bingo/trivia about moms in the Bible.
Guess Who?
Here’s an entertaining idea—post older pictures of yourself or some of your mom volunteers. Alternatively, you could post pictures of your mom too. Ask readers to guess who the mother is! (Provide the answer in the follow up newsletter.)
Coloring Page Contest on Facebook
Include these printable mother’s day coloring sheets and have the mom’s upload a finished photo to their Facebook page.
Tip your hat to the women in your ministry by celebrating this special day with your ministry resources, like your newsletter. You’ll build relationships and expand the reach of your ministry.
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