Mother's Day Poems: Kids Crafts

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Free poems for mother's day crafts
If you ask Mom “What is your favorite Mother’s Day gift?” you’ll probably find that most will say, “The homemade ones!” That’s one reason why each year, I try to help kids create homemade, craft gifts that moms will love and treasure. A gift made by a child’s hands is especially sweet, isn’t it?
Print some poems ahead of time on pretty paper on behalf of kids and have them ready to glue or tape to bookmarks, cards or even a foam photo frame. These would be a perfect add-on for our mother’s day flower craft or mother’s day cards.
I love writing poems and I plan to use some of these this year. Maybe they will work for you too!
Poem #1

Mommy, Mommy, I love you
You dry my tears and tie my shoe,
You make my bed with love and care,
There’s no better Mommy anywhere

Poem #2

Heaven needed hands to soothe and care
For little children everywhere
Heaven needed arms to carry babes
Who might cry and lose their way
Heaven needed voices calm and smooth
To hush fears and change a mood
Who did heaven find to do such amazing deeds?
Who could guide a life and meet the need?
Mothers! It was mothers who heaven chose
Thank you mothers, you are heaven’s perfect rose

Poem #3

Mom has a heart that is as big as me
She loves us all so perfectly
She sends her prayers to God above
She tells us always of His love
Mom has a heart that is as big as me
I heard about Jesus on her knee
How he came to die but rose again
How he will always be my friend
Thank you Mom for all you’ve said
For praying with me when I go to bed
Thank you for showing me God’s love too
I know that He is so proud of you!

You could also post a copy of these poems in your bulletins. I recommend using pinking shears (if you have them handy) to trim the edges of the printed poems.
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