Printable Mother's Day Cards

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Mother’s Day is coming near and we always like to have the students in our classes make something for their moms. Well, here are two Mother’s Day cards that will be just perfect for them. Click on the preview images below to download the full sized PDF documents.
The first one is a MOM poster Β that can be folded into thirds to be made into a card. This is an acrostic poem template for the children to write about their moms using the letters M-O-M. For an added touch, have the children write out one of our mother’s day poems.
The second is a card that is shaped like the word MOM. Simply have the children fold the paper on the line across the page. Then they can cut out the parts that are not touching the line. They can write a message to their moms, color it, add stickers, or even glue the bottom to construction paper.
Don’t miss the other free resources we’ve create for Mother’s Day. We have full Sunday School lessons and several coloring pages for mother’s day.
Have fun with these projects and let your students show their moms that they really do care.

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